There are many things in life where careful considerations have to be made before reaching to a final decision. But when it involves air-cooled Porsches and scenic routes, it doesn’t take us more than a few seconds to say yes to the invitation. Probably the coolest Porsche drive we’ve ever joined to date – this occassion was organised by a casual group of Air-cooled Porsche enthusiasts celebrating a 1-year anniversary from the inception of their close-knitted circle. Kuala Kelawang was picked as the breakfast destination to avoid the usual morning drive traffic of Ulu Yam and Karak route. It was a rather relaxing drive with the ocassional, brisked pace every now and then when there was an open window but with around 15 air-cooled Porsches in the rear view mirror, we found ourselves in a confused situation to which view we should appreciate more. Enjoy our pictorial album from the drive today. And long live the aircooled 911s!

#NoEqual #BuildSomethingLikeNoOther #911 #Aircooled