Science have proven repeatedly that the gravitational force of Petrolheads’ bed decreased exponentially during weekends everytime there’s a weekend morning drive or any car-related events. Well, that’s just not true. But its a FACT because that is usually happens to us almost every weekend. Just with a buzz from our group of friends for a morning jog up hill – we say YES! More so when it involves the air-cooled Porsche group! Though the expected number of air-cooled cars were a lil bit shorter than what we experienced before, our excitement was compensated with the company of uniquely dressed Mercedes A45 AMG and the ultimate dream for Honda fans – the NSX. We are priviledged to be given a ride up in the NSX for a stage of the route and it was simply one of the best touge ride we’ve ever been. Enjoy our pictorial view of the drive up hill, and cheers to more drives like this! 😀

Full Gallery : Air-Cooled Weekend Drive

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