RennSport Night

There are only a finite number of cars that could spark an arousal in our amygdala, and if you’ve been following the #NoEqualTeam, you’ll know that we’ve never kept our affection for Porsche 911s hidden. And among the ultimate of modern 911s, the GT3s and RS models sits on the throne of every Porsche enthusiast. The designation of GT3 is given to the more driver focused 911s, usually parcelled with reworked aero and suspensions, and a dose of added performance. For a long time, GT3s only came with a manual gearbox, and as with the last Manual GT3 sampled in Red, the 997.2 comes with a 6-speed shifter. Moving into the new generation, the 991 GT3 was a shift in paradigm for the Porsche 911 world, because of 2 important factors – it was the first GT3 to feature Porsche’s PDK Dual-clutch gearbox, and the first to feature electric steering. On the extreme scale, the GT3 RS designation is christened to the more extreme, track-focused 911 developed to achieve quicker lap times. Historically, it usually features components shared on Porsche’s race cars, such as pistons, crankshafts, suspensions, and aero; to deliver the best road-going track weapon a 911 could offer. And it was the 997 generation of RS that set the benchmark of best driver focused weapons, that sparked the hype for track day special iterations from other competing manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. Enjoy our collection of photos through a small shoot drive with a bunch of very cool owners on these rare track-focused machines. As we know how confusing 911 generations can be to most, we have taken the liberty to simplify our sampled models based on its colours below:- ≠ 997.2 GT3 – RED ≠ 991 GT3 – WHITE ≠ 997.1 GT3 RS – GREEN ≠ 997.2 GT3 RS – White with Red Stripes

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