Its been a while since we’ve taken a roadtrip for a full blast car event, and what a way to call a weekend when we could spend some time with the high revving VTEC Hondas. We grabbed our keys this afternoon and drove to Pekan, Pahang for the Honda Drag Day Malaysia 2018. In conjunction with the EG6 Mega Gathering, the event held at the new Pekan Drag Strip sees a series of Hondas from the earlier B-Series EGs & EKs, all the way to the more modern K-Series powered Type-Rs. Sporting concepts and colourways of all natures, the sea of selection left us baffled to think of a favourite pick. Enjoy our pictorial coverage of the event, and feast your eyes on the selection of classic and modern Hondas on the drag strip

Full Gallery : Honda Drag Day

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