Don’t you just love fate and luck? When things happened unexpectedly, turning an event into a greater moment, just as what happened in February 1989. Location : Japan. The Honda R&D engineering team were testing their newly-launched car before they were given to the press and media for reviews and further boost the already jaw dropping creation. Coincidentally, the then-freshly-crowned Formula 1 Champion, Ayrton Senna were around to test his Honda-powered McLaren Formula 1 car. The Honda R&D team snatched the opportunity to let Senna get a little taste of the NSX and hopefully, approve and endorse it. To their surprise though, Senna criticised the car as it feels a little fragile. He was then absorbed into the R&D team to enhance the car before it goes into production line.

Through his comments and contribution, Honda managed to stiffen the chassis by 50% making the car to drive better and more balanced. Since then, every NSX ever produced will always have Senna’s touch in its DNA, making it even more desirable to cults all around the world.

The recent weekend, saw a split in the #NoEqualTeam, where some of us had to cancel our Brunei trip to make way for the THIRTY THR33 TRIBE Trackday. As fate had it planned, the Malaysia NSX Club was also having a drive the very next day, on Sunday. We just couldn’t let this opportunity pass even if it meant having very little rest after a hectic day traveling and shooting at Dato Sagor Circuit in Perak.

Sixteen isn’t a huge number but considering how rare the NSX is in Malaysia, this should be one of their biggest gatherings ever with a special appearance of not one but two NSX Type R, in NA1 and NA2 iteration. Through unanimous decision, the group took the back route heading to Port Dickson to have a little twisty road fun on the drive. Has to be said, that it was one of the most epic sight we’ve ever experienced, to see a train of NSX manoeuvring through tight roads, at high RPMs.

These weren’t the most powerful cars you can find on our roads (although one particular NSX Turbo is pushing 5XXHP), nor the most expensive cars (although the NA2 Type R cost more than a Ferrari 458 nowadays); but the low slung profile of the car combined with a chassis fine-tuned by the legendary Ayrton Senna, never fails to give the utmost driving pleasure to the drivers. But for now, we will settle for being just a passenger in one.

We would like to thank Malaysia NSX Club for having us and hopefully see you guys more often on our roads in future!

Full Gallery : Malaysia NSX Club Drive

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