For the past many years we have been following the Skyline guys on their events and drives, we noticed that there is a significant lack of participation from one of the Skyline generation, the R33 gen that is. While the R32 guys have their own annual NSF-32 day and the R34 guys have always rocked the Malaysian Skyline Owners Group events, the R33 guys are rarely seen other than Yoong and his Barney terrorizing Ulu Yam route and Loco and his Red Devil killing top speed on MEX highway.

However, the past 2 years we have seen positive surge on R33 sightings with some of the owners taking the initiative to start a group called THIRTY THR33 TRIBE – a group dedicated for the Skyline R33 owners in Malaysia to share their experience and joy of owning and driving what many would call the ugly duckling of the Skyline family. By now you should have probably guessed their special day – 3rd of March. Every year (so far) on 3rd of March they would get together to celebrate the 33 day with their respective machines.

On March the 3rd, 2018; we found ourselves woke up way too early unlike any other weekends to join the guys at Litar Dato Sagor, Perak. About 15 Skyline R33 together with few other Nissan machines gathered up at the old rusty small circuit for a lil bit of time attack, drag and drift fun. Drag section was pretty happening with the Prime Perdana guys specially invited to make things merrier. Being FWD, the guys clearly have advantages over the R33 guys which mostly were RWD GTST which are prone to have traction lost and unnecessary tire spin across the drag strip.

Our favorite car of the day has to be the almost-stock R33 GTR in Silver but our eyes were always distracted by Lee’s aggressive kitted R33. If we have an R33, its pretty much how we would’ve done ours with slight twist.

Anyways, enjoy the photo coverage we managed to capture before the sky opened up and halted everyone’s fun around the track.

Full Gallery : R33 Trackday

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