Its been a while since we’ve swarmped ourselves with cars of a single make/model at an event, but when they’re Evos, reckon anyone would make it an absolute exception. Organised by Three Diamond Club of Malaysia, in collaboration with BS2M and Evo South Thailand, our team was invited to join in and witness the international gathering of generations, from the first to the final X.

Held at Dataran Bandaraya Ipoh, a total registered number of 283 cars were on site, but the overwhelming number of walk-ins were beyond the count of officials, and from our eyes at least, we suspect it to be well beyond 300 examples. Byword for performance, EVOs have been the weapon of choice for many car enthusiasts, and the experience feels surreal when you realise the number of variations that exist in our region. Every example attains its own characteristics, which leaves us in awe to select a favourite from the weekend.

Through the collaboration of owners from Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, and Brunei, the locals marked a new milestone from the last “Boostin’ Melaka” event held in Pantai Klebang 2 years ago. Don’t mind us, as we’ll be flooding our feeds with Evos, but we reckon you guys won’t mind it at all ? Enjoy our photo collection from the weekend, and drool your eyes to some of the best Evos on our shores!

Full Gallery : Evo Day Malaysia

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