Das Treffen 3 : Gathering of Porschephiles

If you are an avid aficionado of the Porsche brand and it’s heritage, you probably would have heard about an event named ‘Das Treffen’ annually held in Bangkok since 2016. Probably inspired by the likes of Luftgekuhlt and RennSport Reunion from US, this South East Asia counterpart may be of smaller scale but with its success in gathering Porsche owners and enthusiasts around, Das Treffen is quickly becoming one of THE event to look forward to each year. This was proven during it’s 2018 instalment which gathers Porsche enthusiasts and medias from all over the world within the compound of a go-kart track established as Impact Speed Park just outside of Bangkok city center.

Das Treffen, or ‘The Meeting’ in simple English is a brainchild of Xoomsai (or better known as Tenn), the Executive Editor of GTPorsche Thailand magazine with undivided support from Porsche Thailand, Porsche Club of Thailand and Renndrive. Tenn having owned several aircooled Porsches himself, has no problem of gathering traction for Das Treffen as he himself has been active in the Porsche scene in Thailand and as Porsche has been officially exporting their cars to Thailand since the 60s, you can only imagine the number of Porsche cars residing in the region.

NoEqual as a team has been blessed with Porsche contents over the years and we have been aiming to go to Das Treffen since we first knew about it in 2016 but unfortunately the date has always been in conflict with our work. However, we were in luck this year as they are held when our calendars are clear! The icing on the cake was, we were offered the opportunity to have a road trip to the event with a bunch of local Porsche Aircooled Group! (more on the trip later!)

The 3000KM return trip spanned over 5 days was definitely worth it to see so many amazing and rare Porsche cars in the gathering especially the Aircooled generations as we are seriously lacking in that department here locally. What amazed us the most was the number of classics here and all of them are in great shape either in superb restored form, resto-modded or rocking the rat/rusty look. The RWB Thailand guys were also present with 9 of their cars out of the 27 built so far. We consider RWB Thailand as one of the most special group of RWB owners as the first ever RWB Nakai-san built out of Japan was in Thailand and having followed RWB updates all these years, we can safely say RWB Thailand has few of what we consider as epic RWB builds of all built outside of Japan. Aside of RWB, the RUF presence was strong as well in Das Treffen and Thailand as we spotted quite a number of Porsche present rocking RUF bits and pieces.

Some of the rare Porsches that we can identify on the day of the gathering were 993 Turbo S (183 units made), 993 Carrera RS (about 1000 units made), 964 Turbo 3.6 (less than 1,500 units made), 911 R (991 units made), 997 Speedster (356 units made), 964 Speedster (800 units made), 930 Speedster (about 2100 units made), and a 356 Speedster. Of course, the presence of the latest ultimate 911, the 700bhp GT2 RS was also present, but let’s be honest, in a sensational crowd such as the rarer aircooled models, this one felt pretty normal. We may have missed a few but these rare models appearing in one place other than at the official Porsche AG event, that is already a bonus for us!

Words can only describe our experience to a certain extend, we’ll just have to let the photos do the talking. For now, enjoy our pictorial coverage of Das Treffen 3! We’ll definitely come back again next year to this event!

Full Gallery : Das Treffen 3

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