We love it when we discover people around us doing stuffs that normal people would not do, pushing the boundaries of what classifies as sane human being. We have seen some pretty crazy car builds, we have been impressed with events that truly unlike any other and we thought we already had seen crazy road trips. Oh boy we have never been so wrong on the last part. Over the last few years we have read about plenty of extra ordinary road trips spanning over several months, multi-thousands kilometer but most of it were internet stories that we have never known them personally.

Enter Hadri. We met him during RWB KL build a couple of years ago in KL. He was driving this particular AE86 to the build to get Nakai-san’s sign on the car seeing as such opportunity doesn’t come too often here. Since then we have seen each other a lot more in local events including our Merdeka Drive in 2017. Recently we were informed that he together with Alie of Retro Havoc are currently planning for an insane road trips to Europe in the AE86. The details are pretty much vague at the moment but from our brief conversation, he is going to drive the 86 from Malaysia to UK which should cover about 35,000 KM crossing over 23 countries. This should take them between 8 to 12 months to complete as they plan to visit local events and circuits along the way of the trip. The planning stage is very crucial to ensure the trip’s timeline align with date of the oversea events that they are planning to visit including Alie’s own Retro Havoc in March this year.

When asked whether he will drive the car home after the 35,000 KM trip or not, they are still unsure of that as they are still finalizing negotiation with sponsors. We believe after that insane trip, this car has to return home and the experience has to be shared with local car guys! We would like to wish Hadri and his whole team a safe trip and we are looking forward to share more of their stories here at NoEqual.co