Frankly speaking, we’ve never encountered any euro classics in Malaysia that has been modified to the Pro-Touring style. Some of you might be wondering – “what’s Pro-Touring?”

Pro-Touring is a way of modernising classic cars, most of the time on muscle cars, but not limited to, with newer parts such as brakes, suspensions, and the aesthetics. Most classic car owners in Malaysia will restore their cars to factory standard or restomod it with period correct parts. However, this particular Ford Capri MK1 owner does not think the same. He decided to go for the Pro-Touring style, and fit the car with modern parts to improve driving versatility and stand out from the crowd like no other.

We came across this particular Capri during a random dinner by the street in Ipoh when it strolled by and parked at the end of the street. Other than being awed looking at a Pro-Touring euro classic on Malaysian roads, it’s a freaking Capri! We don’t even see a lot of these around. Immediately ditched our dinner and went over and start to drool all over the car while the owner sat right beside greeted us. After a brief observation, this car immediately went into our “must-shoot’ list. Without wasting much time, we immediately exchanged numbers and planned for the shoot.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, rang the owner and head on for it. Took the first ten minutes to walk around the car and look into the details and my god, this thing looks exceptionally muscular. Although the owner stated that the car is not in it’s completed form and are waiting for more parts, sometimes the imperfections enhances the car’s characteristics.

To start from the heart of the engine, it has a Pinto 2.1 with a Twin Weber 45 individual throttle body, mated to a Borg Warner T5 gearbox. To let the engine breath smoothly, it has the Tony Law extractor fitted to the block.

The interior is as basic as it looks, with no panels, carpets, centre console or dashboard whatsoever; all you see is the pair of custom wrapped Recaro bucket seats with “Ford Racing” stitchings, Safety Devices roll cage painted in silver to match the exterior stripes, an OEM steering wheel and a long carbon panel to house the dials and gauges.

On the exterior, it is painted in Lexus’ Ultrasonic Blue with custom carbon kevlar parts such as the front bulge hood and lightweight wing mirrors. What’s coming soon for the exterior are the rear carbon boot and carbon headlight housing. As for the wheels the owner ordered a set of custom Volk GT-Cs with a wider rear measuring 18×12 and 18×9.5 for the front, wrapped on 295/30 18 on the rear and 225/40 18 front section tyres.

The Ford Capri has always been one of the more sought after cult cars. May not be so in Malaysia, but it’s the indefinite weapon of choice in the UK since the 80s. This build deserves the recognition and beyond, and for being the utter indie choice to cars and modification in our region. Though people will always rush for an Escort, the Capri is always the poster car to have!