From time to time, our team always get messages from representative of various groups from other states asking if we ever have plans to check out car culture outside of Klang Valley or even our neighboring countries.

As NoEqual Team is relatively small in number, we unfortunately have to turn down invitations due to constraints like clashing schedule and lack of manpower.

Ever since we visited Kota Kinabalu 2 years ago for the Borneo Import Meet, we have always been impressed with the number of quality modified cars there. Since then we have been in touch with few industry players locally and we decided that its about time we pay another visit after 2 years.

Alan Fung of Global Tyres, together with his group of friends have been kind enough to be our host and provide us with whatever cars that we would like to see that are within their capacity. Dare we say that this group of friends have one of the most impressive collection of JDM cars that we have ever seen locally. The main agenda of the tour was to attend Alan’s JChill n Meet event that he is organizing to catch up with his extended group of friends. While at it, we took the opportunity to gather some extra contents to be share.

The day we landed in Kota Kinabalu, we wasted no time and immediately headed out to shoot some pre-selected rides around Kota Kinabalu. We initially were informed that only 6 cars will be joining us that night but as we arrived, Alan told us that more of his close friends wanted to tag along so we ended up with 13 cars with half of it being the cleanest Skyline GTRs we have ever seen locally. Honestly, at that point we don’t think even one whole weekend is enough to properly shoot each and every car there but we tried our best to produce as much and as best content as we can for our followers.

As we are unfamiliar with the location, we had to rely on Alan’s recommendation on the nice spots around KK. We did requested to shoot the car at the tunnel that other local photographer had shot them prior, to our surprised, we were brought to an even longer tunnel within the vicinity. The tunnel really provide us with ample lighting and perfect setting to hear their magnificent exhaust music notes.

The second day of our tour was the day JChill N Meet was held. Over 100 cars were present at this little cool place called Happy Place Restaurant & Bar. There, we caught up with a couple of friends from Brunei that endured 6-hours journey including a gentleman in a 1000HP GTR to participate in the gathering!

As the event ended, we took the opportunity to invite the Brunei drivers for a cruise for some photo opportunity around Kota Kinabalu.

The third day of our tour, we had arranged to shoot a couple other selected rides from the event to be shot properly without all other distracting elements. As we have more than enough cars at our disposal, we thought, why not we re-create that infamous scene of ‘Overnight parts from Japan’ made famous by the Fast and Furious movie. The weather was less than ideal but the enthusiasm and cooperation that Alan and his brothers had for us to nail the shot made us even more motivated to execute it. Definitely a scene that we will not forget anytime soon!

We still have tons of photos to be shared including a batch of wallpaper-worthy materials so stay tuned as we release it set by set!


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