There are many ways to lose a sponsor. But from rage quitting from an eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series is definitely a first that we have ever heard of.

That was what happened to Bubba Wallace after getting into a third crash on last Sunday’s virtual race at the Bristol Motor Speedway. After using up his two allocated fast-repair resets at only the first 10 laps of the race, the racer got into yet another incident that had extensively damaged his racecar.

Instead of driving the remainder of the 150-lap race in a damaged car and basically out of contention for the win, Wallace simply signed out, but not before venting out his frustration on his Twitch livestream. “That’s why I don’t take this (xxxx) serious. Peace out!”.

However, Blue Emu, one of Wallace’s sponsors was not too pleased with this behaviour and decided to call it off. In a Tweet by the pain relief brand, they said “GTK where you stand. Bye bye Bubba. We’re interested in drivers, not quitters”.

It is a very bizarre situation to have it developed like this and probably one of the few firsts. What do you think of the action taken by Blue Emu? Too harsh, or justifiable?