The Sentra/Sunny B14 isn’t exactly your out of the box superstreet spec chassis, neither is it a first choice to driving enthusiasts for a fun driving car. It takes quite an imagination to make this into a proper project car, but most importantly, the patience and idea to bring something like this to life. You all know that term, built not bought?

As with most projects, the car started life as a hand-me-down to a young car enthusiast right out of school. His itchy fingers began with a muffler replacement, and one thing led to another to where you see this machine today. Being a relatively old car with a few miles on it, wear and tear is imminent and soon before long, the car will start to show its signs. This is where most ownerships would abandon it for a much newer car with less headache.

Clearly, that wasn’t the story here… In the face of engine problems 3 years ago, it was Wye Bin’s turning point to build something like no other out of his Sentra! Swapping out the GA16s to an SR16ve Neo VVL engine out of a Pulsar, the car now punches 155whp and 15.1kg of torque. Tuned under the hands of Thomas from GT Auto, the VVL is tuned to open from 5.8k rpm. While the lust for power is strong, the focus of the build is still to maintain a street-like usability for a daily driver. Yes, this is still a daily car!

On the handling department, Wye Bin has focused to strengthen the chassis to cope with the power. Adjustable suspensions coupled with strutbars, PU Bushings, and stiff rings elevates the driver’s confidence to take the car to a higher limit on the drive. And with great power, comes the need for good brakes hence the owner has gone for R34 GTT 4pot BBK upgrade to match. But clearly, what strikes this car differently to other Sentras out there is definitely the outlook. Mildly in reminisce of Grigio Telesto on the paint job, with a frontal end from a Pulsar Jn15 for the proper, angry fascia, this car means serious business out on the road! We love builds like this, hitting on a less than popular platform to tune to a styling much less preferred by many.

Totally exemplifies ones true character, and proof that you don’t need a fancy car to enjoy driving. Just need to know what you’re doing!

Spec Sheet Engine & Gearbox

– SR16ve Neo VVL

– Megasquirt MS2 Standalone ECU

– K&N 6inch inlet Open Pod

– Custom Air Box by Saidi SRF

– Custom Coil-On-Plug Plate Cover by Saidi SRF

– K20A Coil-On-Plug – Full 2.5 inch piping

– Custom 4-2-1 header

– Regu 06 3 inch Muffler (For Street)/ 3 Inch Blast Pipes (For Track)

– Exedy Racing Stage 1 Cover Plate + Custom 6 puck springless Brakes & Suspension

– R34 GTT 4 Pot Calipers and Disc Brake (Front)

– Cefiro A32 Calipers and Disc Brake (Rear)

– PRS HLSH with Bodyshift and Pillowball mount

– Nissan Pulsar Jn15 strut bar

– Full Set PU Bushing

– Stiff Ring

– Hardrace Rear QT Link

– BR Watanabe 15x9jj Offset +20 with Kumho V720 tyres Exterior

– Nissan Pulsar Jn15 front end

– Nissan Pulsar Jn15 side skirt

– Custom Canards

– Origin Lab Carbon Fibre GT Wing Interior

– Recaro SPG

– Momo Corse Steering Wheel

– NRG Quick Release

– Nissan Pulsar Jn15 dashboard

– AEM Wideband

– Defi ZD

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