Do you realise that the NSX is 30 years old? It first came to production in 1990 and yet it still looks beyond experimental today. The shape is breathtaking and it still delivers one of the best driving experience behind the wheel.

Take a look at one of our favourite around on our shores. Abel’s NSX stood out above many other NSXs we have seen locally. Knowing him for quite some time now, he likes his car clean without much alteration to the car’s original body line and it was apparent to us that he is more of a USDM-style guy than the rest. Exterior wise, Abel didn’t stay loyal to one brand, instead he mix and matched a few to have his NSX to his own desired look. The front bumper and the sideskirt are MargaHills products, these has to be one of the popular options for NSX owners as it closes some clearance gap making the car look a little lower and definitely, better. He didn’t go the same route for rear section of the car but opted for Taitec Engineering / Downforce GT diffuser which to us, is definitely the better option. The huge diffuser opening revealed the ARC Titanium exhaust system fitted snugly under the rear bumper producing beautiful tune to our ears. Being a die-hard fan of Car-Shop Glow tail lights, it was one of the first thing Abel installed when he first got the car. The LED tail light really transformed the image of the NSX from behind. Completing his desired look, Abel chose a staggered set of WORK Meister S1 3 piece measuring 18×8.5 up front and 19×10.5 for the back which is just perfect for that flushed stance. This, according to him was very near to his ultimate desired look with the exception of few minor things but we will get to that another time. Till then, enjoy this photo collection of what to us, is one of the most beautifully done NSX locally.

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