Toyota had recently rebranded their motorsports division from Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) to Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe (TGR-E) to reflect their headquarters’ status as a research and development centre within the Gazoo Racing Company – a standalone organization within Toyota Motor Corporation that is responsible for motorsport and performance road cars.

TMG was originally known as the Andersson Motorsport GmbH after its founder, Ove Andersson. The company has been based in Cologne since 1979 and was bought over by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1993.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe will continue its operation as the base for Toyota’s motorsports project in Europe, including their FIA WEC, WRC, and GT4 programs.

“Over the last years, the Cologne facility has become ever more integrated into Gazoo Racing Company’s research and development programs, working as one team with mutual respect and trust. So it is logical that as a valued member of the Gazoo Racing Company, the company’s name should adapt to reflect the strengthening link between Cologne and Japan”, said Hisatake Murata, Chairman of Toyota Gazoo Racing Europe.