The 90s was an exemplary decade that even till today, we car lovers stand in adoration. The second generation MR-2 (SW20) was built on a mid-engined layout philosophy, developed by Toyota to be a fun, sporty runabout with supercar-like characteristics.

With almost perfectly balanced chassis, it pulls a different form of cult craving especially in Malaysia where MR2s are rare specimens. Meet Yen’s SW20. Frankly speaking, this has to be the cleanest and one of the tastefully modified MR-2s we’ve seen on our shores.

There aren’t many power upgrades done on the car. The engine is the original 3S-GTE with a Garage Fukui Phoenix Power exhaust system installed.

Yen focused on improving the handling and enhancing the looks of the car. Handling is key for an MR layout, thus Yen has installed a set of BC BR Adjustables and Cusco’s front brace and Ultra Racing’s strut bar for better driving experience. The car is currently kitted with Greddy’s Gracer kit combined with a spoiler by Revision 5 with an extender to accentuates the low-slung body line.

The white-on-white theme is complemented by a set of TE37s, an evergreen combination that makes any of us drool. Subtle and clean, this MR2 upholds the modern classic vibes indefinitely!


Written By | Chua Chung Zhi