NE FEATURE – SSShakotan Bluebird

Shakotan (車高短) which translates “low car height” from Japanese. The style started from the 70’s and is still widely popular today, from classics to modern cars, you name it. What’s not to love? Today we’re featuring this absolutely mint shakotan 1972 510 SSS.

The inspiration for this project came from Thailand where a guy named Yuii Acrophobia with his static Tiffany Blue 510 that was totally slammed to the ground. Fitting in with the idea, Yen and Lebai Game brought to life the inspiration with his own flavour on this 510 SSS.

Tech specs are kept clean and simple, with the stock in-line 4 L16, yet from the on out, almost every part is custom made to perfection.


Starting off from the front is the most sought after Super Sonic grill or people would call it the “JDM” grill. Aside from that, the chin spoiler, fender flares receive bespoke carbon fiber treatment to show contrast with the beautiful Pearl Yellow paint.

One of the spotlights of this car are the wheels which are 14” Techno TRV finished in gold with diamond cut face. The figures for the wheels are 9jj for the front and 10jj for the rear. The hippari (stretched) tires were done and it fit so well with the fenders!

Moving on to the interior and you’ll realize the carbon fiber treatment doesn’t end on the outside. From the door cards to retro bucket seats were also in carbon fiber too! The steering is Datsun competitive steering and the gear knob was changed to a crystal gear knob. A tasty build to a delicious classic matched with modernised personal touch. We definitely count this a favourite.

Written By | Chua Chung Zhi