Super GT drops Sepang from the revised 2020 calendar

Our excitement turned into anguish when COVID-19 postponed the return of Super GT to Sepang Circuit. Hoping that things will turn better overtime, things went bad to worse as the GT Association recently released the revised 2020 calendar, showing that they had dropped a number of circuits which included Sepang.

Aside from Sepang, GT Association had also dropped circuits like Okayama International Circuit, Autopolis, and Sportsland Sugo. The first night race of the series was cancelled due to international restrictions and the difficulties of hosting race aborad. Thailand however, is still on the calendar and could host the finale if the situation permits. If the final race could not be held there, Fuji Speedway will stand in as the replacement venue instead.

Racing season will officially begin on the 18-19 July at Fuji Speedway, after the official pre-season test at the same venue on 27-28 June. For the first four rounds, all races will be held behind closed doors and GT Association will then review the infection rate of COVID-19 to determine whether they could open up the doors back to fans and spectators or remaining such.

Each team will be assigned a health manager by Super GT to monitor the physical condition of personnel. They will need to fill in a questionnaire, and Symptom Confirmation everyday they enter the track. Reports will then be confirmed by the GTA Medical Delegate and those infected will not be allowed to enter the circuit. Measures like temperature taking at the circuit entrance, masks, and good hygiene are also required.

2020 Autobacs Super GT Series revised calendar
Test – Fuji Speedway (June 27-28)
Rd1 – Fuji Speedway (July 18-19)
Rd2 – Fuji Speedway (August 8-9)
Rd3 – Suzuka International Circuit (August 22-23)
Rd4 – Motegi (September 12-13)
Rd5 – Fuji Speedway (October 3-4)
Rd6 – Suzuka International Circuit (October 24-25)
Rd7 – Motegi (November 7-8)
Rd8 – Buriram (December 27-28) or Fuji Speedway (November 28-29)