It is great to see the Hachiroku that once put Malaysia in the eyes of the global drifting scene is still remembered by many, despite it being out of commission for quite some time. Piloted by none other than Tengku Djan Ley, this particular AE86 had been imprinted in the minds of many in numerous occasions, such as the epic 2006 Irwindale D1GP battle, or the Bukit Putus sideways adventure.

Popularized by the man in the Jade Green suit and Initial D, the AE86 is a lightweight RWD machine powered by a sporty engine which made it a perfect candidate for going sideways. With such credentials, it was the machine of choice for Djan to go drifting in his early days, but his ride was nowhere close to stock as extra oomph was essential to give him the edge during competitions.

The twin-cam 1.6-liter 4AGE pushes out about 120-horsepower from factory and while that amount is enough to have fun with, it was upgraded to provide Djan the extra muscle when summoned. The camshaft and valve springs had been replaced with one from Toda and joining the list of mods in the engine were JE pistons, Carillo conrods and a crankshaft from an AE101.

With a set of 42mm quad trumpets in place, this unassuming Hachiroku once made a total of 240whp with the extra boost from TORQ nitrous system. All the power was sent to punish the 14-inch Potenza RE-01R rear wheels via a 5-speed TRD close ratio gearbox.

On the inside, only the bare necessities were left behind in the pursuit of lightweight. The original dashboard stayed, but gone are the door trims and rear seats. Djan sat snugly in the BRIDE bucket seat and kept secure by the Takata harness.

Instead of the typical analogue speedometer, Djan’s AE86 housed the digital version, and a pair of Defi gauges fed him vital readings such as the water temperature. And last but not least, the 6-point welded cage was put in place in case anything went south.

One particular thing that we like about Djan’s AE86 was that it looked so simple yet is so memorable. You just could not go wrong with the white body and black hood combination, and the Bridgestone livery on the doors gave it the character that we remember today.

The full Vertex bodykit looked at home on the AE86 and while most of the time we saw it rocking the TRD spoiler, it was taken off in the final year in pursuit for more speed.

His AE86 served him for a good number of years and snatched a number of podiums along the way as well, before finally being retired of its drifting duties at the end of 2007. As we have shared before, only the shell of the AE86 remains and it has been in storage after all these years. Maybe Djan might have some future plans to restore it to its former glory looks? Only time will tell!


1984 Toyota AE86 Trueno

Engine Spec sheet

Engine – 4AGE

Camshaft – Toda 288′

Valve Springs – Toda

Induction – 42mm quad throttle

Pistons – JE Pistons

Conrods – Carillo rods

Crankshaft – AE101 Crankshaft

Oil Pan – Standard

Oil Pump – Standard

Nitrous – TORQ Nitrous System

Power – 240hp @ wheels



Gearbox – 5-Speed TRD Close Ratio

Clutch – ORC Super Single

Differential – Kaaz 2-Way

Final Gear – 5.3


Chassis Specs

Rollcage – 6-Point Welded Cage

Rollbar – Cusco

Suspension – DG-5

Suspension Arms – Ueo Style/Garage SIFT


Wheel & Tires

Tire Size – 185/60/14 Potenza RE-01R

Rims – 14″ x 7jj Volk TE37

ExteriorBodykit – Full Vertex Bodykit

Spoiler – TRD

Hood – J Blood

Rear Lamp – Wise Square

Rear Hatch – FRP

Interior Gauges – Defi

Meter – AE86 Digital Meter

Seats – BRIDE

Harness (driver) – Takata

Gearknob – TRD

Steering – MOMO