When the weekend comes, the first thing we car guys almost always look forward to is a car-centric activity to splendidly fill our Saturdays and Sundays. It’s not so much of having something to do, but some peace time for ourselves when we get to bring are cars out, show our latest mods a bit to our friends, and feast our eyes to some rare cars that we don’t get to see always.
In Malaysia, car meets nowadays are done slightly differently we feel as compared to overseas. It’s beyond just the social aspect of the little get-together but rather the lifestyle choice of arriving at a car park filled with other cars, and getting a little bit of limelight while you’re at it. Nevertheless, over the years we have seen how our local car meets evolve from a typical get-together at a Mamak, then moving into an Underground or Open-Air car park where we get to experience a whole different vibe.
Over the years, we’ve been to so many car meets both in Malaysia and even in other car-friendly countries like Japan, Australia, Thailand, and Brunei. And if there is ONE THING that we can always relate to at these meets, is the appreciation for ALL THINGS CARS. Truth is, we car guys love a little bit of attention on our cars even if we disregard it and car meets is most definitely the best time to show our rides a little. But you never really need to drive the fanciest or loudest car at the meet, sometimes rolling in with something basic and simple gets the eyes and people talking.
We’ve spent years trying to educate people that sometimes it’s a little bit more than just showing off but to state the obvious – we must admit that it’s been rather challenging. Truth is different worlds atone to very different styles and culture, and there is never a RIGHT or WRONG especially when it comes to the matter at hand. All we know is we arrive, we’re there to meet our car friends a little bit, and go home smiling knowing that we’ve healthily spent our weekend with minds alike.
Why Are No One Organising Car Meets Anymore?
Do you realise that car meets don’t happen so often anymore? We used to have them every other weekend, sometimes multiple happenings overlapping in a day/night. But lately things have sort of mellowed down a little right?
Truth is finding a decent location these days is becoming a challenge for everyone. Thanks to the beauty of Facebook and Instagram, every time there is a car meet, the numbers tend to blow-up a little and to find a space large enough to cater to all you car freaks these days are becoming an absolute challenge. We used to have the KLCC multi-storey parking a couple of years back, and the Glenmarie LRT parking for our little weekend getaways with car friends but thanks to some of the noisy cars and tough-to-educate attitude of some owners creating noise pollution, we’re now lacking of a regular space.
2020 clearly hasn’t been great for all of us coping with the “New Normal” thing. And thanks to all the social distancing that we have to follow, car meets are becoming scarce. There was a time when every weekend we’d have multiple going on. And it doesn’t help either knowing the fact that there isn’t a usual grounds for car meets anymore like Tokyo does with Daikoku here in KL. Regardless, we all can agree that location could never stop us. Distance is only relative and from the moment we put our keys in and start our engines, it’s destination anywhere!