Ah, Mitsuoka, a brand that we literally have no interest in. We don’t know why they build cars nor are we sure whether their designers are just trolls or visually impaired in general. The cars are unnecessarily flamboyant with classic British-inspired looks that only a mother could love, but then again, I’m also a huge Porsche 996 fanatic, so my views can’t really be trusted on this field either.

But instead of moaning about how these cars are weird, let’s talk about how their weirdest car of all is probably now their coolest car. Never would have thought I’d be saying this but I’m talking about the Orochi that has been kitted with Liberty Walk’s widebody kit. It looks rather fitting to be frankly honest. The wide arches, the wings and the height. It has the credentials to look like a proper race car!

Possibly The Only Acceptable Orochi In Existance

That being said, Liberty Walk’s treatment includes bolt-on arch extensions with exposed rivets, front splitter and side skirts. The deep-dished black wheels are tucked behind the arches with the car sitting way lower to the ground as compared to stock height thanks to some air suspension. The car too now sports a rather fitted rear bumper-mounted wing that gives it some proper GT3 vibes.

The Orochi Liberty Walk exists due to one name, Sphere Light, a Japanese lighting fit that manufactures light bulbs for cars. While they’re more known in the Japanese market, the Orochi comes in as Sphere Light’s show car for this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon alongside some other interestingly weird Japanese cars.

For now, it is unknown if Liberty Walk has actually done anything to the 3.3-litre ‘3MZ-FE’ Toyota V6 that resides in the Orochi. We believe there aren’t any performance related modifications on the engine itself, meaning there is only 230hp mated to a five-speed automatic transmission driving the rear wheels.

Written by | Danial Malek

Images by | Liberty Walk