Among all of the annual events that we usually look forward to, it’s safe to say that Art of Speed is quite possibly up there on our list. Well, to be honest, what’s not to like? You have custom one-of-a-kind builds, invitational guests from all over the world and people from all walks of life. Doesn’t matter if you’re into bikes, cars or just the lifestyle in general, Art of Speed is not to be missed.

However, due to the pandemic, a two-year setback left everyone in a bit of a rough patch. There were no events running locally and internationally. However, that’s what makes this year’s Art of Speed a little bit more special because everyone now wants to go all out. For the 10th Annual Art of Speed, which is happening on the 2nd and 3rd July 2022, we’ve been traveling the peninsular of Malaysia with Art of Speed to spread the word out.

For 2022, we’ve even gone down south to Melaka for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and we’ve even gone to the edge of Kelantan for a night with the air-cooled VW boys at Volkscamp Bekwoh. With both events leading up to Art of Speed, it’s safe to say that everyone’s already geared up for the event which will be happening in just another 15 days!