1,094HP and Carbon Fiber on the Novitec Ferrari SF90!

1,094HP and Carbon Fiber on the Novitec Ferrari SF90!

When a car already comes with 986hp from the factory, the last thing on your mind is having to need more power. But just like everything in life, we are just never satisfied with what we have. Unless it has been tampered with or just downright modified from its original form, only then, people like us are completely satisfied with the ‘built not bought’ idea.

And that is exactly where Novitec comes in with the Ferrari SF90. Don’t get me wrong, you would be foolish to actually give more power, to what is essentially a hypercar with 1,000hp at your disposal. But then again, if you can already afford a car at such a price, why would you ever have one that looks exactly like, dare I say, a ‘normal’ SF90?

Is 1,000hp ever enough? Novitec has an answer.

Novitec is the icing on the cake. They’ll add an extra 107hp and 118Nm of torque to the SF90, hence increasing the total output of 1,094hp for the twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. That being said, there have been no changes done to any of the three electric motors.

In terms of other numbers that matter is the acceleration numbers which have dropped by an additional 0.1 seconds for the 0-100km/h and 0.4 seconds for the 0-200km/h. This is thanks to Novitec’s N-Tronic control modules as well as a tweaked exhaust system.

The tuner’s control module however benefits the supercar by giving it a “more instant throttle response and even more powerful in-gear acceleration in any driving situation”. While the facts and figures may have proven the point, Novitec however has not given an exact figure for top speed, only stating that it exceeds 340km/h.

An exhaust that can make you neighbors hate or love you.

On the other hand, with the ‘tweaked’ exhaust system, Novitec is currently offering the exhaust system in an option of with or without electronic sound management system. A fancy way of saying you can either make the exhaust loud or subtle with the click of a button.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking that the exhaust is just a valvetronic system. The highest option (arguably the best one) incorporates 999 fine gold plating for better heat dissipation, a sports catalyst with thermal insulation which ends with stainless steel pipes with carbon fiber tips.

Take a shot for every carbon fiber part you see.

It’s not just about the power to be frankly honest. Novitec has given the SF90 so many carbon fiber bits and pieces that I’m partially convinced that Novitec builds their cars around whatever pieces of trim that they can apply carbon fiber on. I mean I’m not complaining but damn, that’s a lot of carbon fiber.

They’ll toss around terms like ‘aero’ or ‘lightweight’ but truth be told, they just love their carbon fibers. Front splitter? Carbon. Fender vents? Carbon. Mirror caps? Carbon. Hood vents? Carbon. Side intakes? Carbon. That being said, they are rather subtle about the placement of these pieces as they are mostly small items on small surface areas.

Downforce comes with style.

The rear carbon ducktail spoiler too plays a factor with downforce. The wing now generates more downforce as well as improves airflow and aids the cooling system. Apart from the body cosmetic modifications, the aftermarket wheels come in the form of 20 or 21-inch wheels made by Vossen.

Novitec offers their own variants of sport springs which lower the car by 30mm in the front and 25mm in the rear. And to those who are worried that the car may be a tad too low for, let’s say, Malaysian roads, Novitec does offer an optional lift system for the front axle which lifts the nose by 40mm with the press of a button. Pretty neat, if you ask me.

All in all, if you really wanna make your Ferrari SF90 truly a one of a kind in your town, then by all means the Novitec kit will keep you loving your Ferrari for years to come.

Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Novitec