Advan Racing's Fan Favourites Are Back!

Advan Racing's Fan Favourites Are Back!

Advan Racing has always made gorgeous wheels that are near perfect for almost all JDMs. From the RG line to current GT, they've maintained simple yet elegant designs that even the current crop of supercars are using. The Advan GT even has a dedicated setup for Porsche 911s. However, Advan Racing has finally shown their latest iteration of the RG series with the RG-4, a new size for the GT and the fan favourite ONI. The ONI has now been given the "2" designation while maintaining the 3 spoke design. Most might not know the Oni by it's actual name, however, Malaysians will immediately know them as the "rim spender". To most Malaysians, the term "spender" simply means underpants as the wheels has a similar appearance to the piece of clothing. However, the wheel still remains popular to this day while still fetching a pretty penny for a set.

Advan Racing ONI 2

Advan claims that this wheel is by no means a reproduction model targeted at the older generation of cars. The first Advan Racing ONI was a three-piece model that targeted the Onikan cars that were predominant at the time, especially the S14 Silvia and 180SX. However, the development concept of the ONI 2 was due to the popularity among the fans within the Kei car and compact car community. Therefore, the size to be released will be only 15/14 inch PCD100, 4 holes, and the 5J width and the offset will be set at + 45 which can be installed in most compact vehicles. The concept of the ONI 2 is to revive the origin of the triangular Advan spirit, which was first seen on the Advan A3A. However, the ONI 2 will be a single piece wheel as compared to the former three piece.

Advan Racing RG-4

The RG finally enters the 4th generation with the addition of having the term "Racing" in the name. The basic design of the slender 6-spoke has not changed from the first generation. However, the 4th generation has acquired the most aggressive design of all time. The spoke width is designed to be slightly wider than the previous RGIII while maintaining it's predecessor's "advanced side cuts" to continuously connect the flow between the spokes. The color variations are racing hyper black and racing white for now but additional colors of racing copper bronze and semi-gloss black will be added to the inventory later on. The RG4 will only be released as an 18-inch for now while other sizes will be introduced later this year.

Advan Racing GT BEYOND

The GT BEYOND was released only in 19-inches in 2020. However for the 2021 model year, Advan is introducing an 18-inch and 20-inch option. For the GT BEYOND, there will be 4 concave options for 20 inches, and 5 concaves are set for 18 inches. The same outer rim depth similar to the 19-inch variant will be fixed and the tire front mount shape will be used. Photos by | Advan Racing JP