Honda Malaysia Launches The All-New HR-V!

Honda Malaysia Launches The All-New HR-V!

The crossover segment has gotten its latest contender and it’s in the form of a Honda. Honda Malaysia welcomes the all-new HR-V into the market, 7 years after the predecessor entered the country. The new HR-V takes everything up a notch but leaves all the imperfections of the previous generation. That being said, Honda has taken a more grown up approach as compared to some of their more recent design language, i.e. the Civic FC.

But now, now, we aren’t here to talk about Honda’s move from design to design but rather the new HR-V itself. The new model retains what we like most about the HR-V but Honda has managed to chisel everything to make it seem much more refined and neat. First and foremost, let’s talk about their design language for a start. Everything is modern with LEDs and minimalism the key of the game. There are no complex lines that go around the car but a sleek silhouette with a presence that ‘commands attention’.

One thing that I applaud Honda Malaysia for the HR-V is how they are able to make the HR-V quite possibly the best passenger Honda that can be purchased today. What I mean by this is how the HR-V is packaged to be the best in its class. When one of your competitors is Proton’s X50, you really gotta give people what they want. And that’s where the HR-V really shines among the rest. Let’s start with the engine shall we?

Engines And Luxuries - N/A, Turbocharged and Hybrid

The new HR-V is offered with three different petrol engines in four trim variants. Starting with the entry-level no frills 1.5-litre non-turbocharged i-VTEC as this is described as the affordable option. On the 1.5S, LED headlights, Honda Sensing, Hill Descent Control, Rear Ventilation and Walk-away Auto Lock amongst other things now come as standard.

The next step up in trim line is the 1.5E which automatically includes the 1.5-litre turbocharged VTEC. This variant too gets a larger 7” TFT meter, sport mode, remote engine start and paddle shifts on top of what the entry-level receives.

The 1.5V is the premium option for those who don’t fancy the hybrid option. On this trim, 18” alloy wheels, a full leather interior which includes the seats, steering and gearknob, electronically powered driver seats, 8-speaker, Honda CONNECT, Honda Lanewatch and a variable gear ratio. Among other luxuries includes sequential turn signals for the front headlamps.

The cream of the crop is the RS with the e:HEV engine. While it is still a 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, the hybrid engine does not include a turbocharger as the engine is now a 2-motor Atkinson cycle hybrid engine. The RS also includes an electric CVT as compared to the conventional CVT found on the non-hybrid trims. The RS too includes a different bodykit, interior, handsfree power tailgate, dual zone air-conditioning, automatic wipers as well as deceleration paddle selectors.

In terms of performance, the 1.5S has 121hp and 145Nm of torque with a fuel consumption of 5.9l/100km. The 1.5E and 1.5V has a 181hp and 240Nm of torque figure with a fuel consumption of 6.5l/100km. The hybrid RS e:HEV has a combined 238hp (107hp from the engine and 131hp from the motor) and combined 384Nm of torque (131Nm from the engine and 253Nm from the motor). The fuel consumption is 4.1l/100km for the RS e:HEV.

Honda’s Magic Interior

The minimalist interior keeps everything in-place while still being ergonomically fine. Even the air-conditioning vents have something called the air diffusion system which enables you to switch from direct air flow to a diffusion mode that better circulates cool air throughout the cabin. While it was not mentioned in the brochure, Honda has even filled the chassis with foam to keep the cabin quiet and comfortable for the occupants.

The HR-V comes with Honda’s famous multi-utility seat which offers different placement for different purposes. You can lay it flat to carry long objects or lower the seats for more boot space. And if you have to carry something tall, a potted plant for example, the seats can be folded for you fill the gap between the floor and the roofline. Another lovely compartment is located in the cargo floor as there is a box which can be used to store wet or muddy items. Neat!

Prices For The All-New 2022 Honda HR-V

The new HR-V is currently offered in five colours such as Platinum White Pearl, Lunar Silver Metallic, Ruse Black Metallic, Ignite Red Metallic and Meteoroid Gray Metallic. Prices start at RM114,800.00 for the 1.5S, RM129,800.00 for the 1.5E while the 1.5V is priced at RM134,800.00. The most expensive 1.5 e:HEV RS is priced at RM140,800.00. All prices listed are on-the-road without insurance.

I am not particularly a fan of how the design has been made generically mundane and the coupe-esque rear trunk is really not my kinda thing. But that being said, Malaysians really do love their Hondas as there is already a 12 months waiting list as of today as there have already been 20,000 bookings made prior to the launch. Want one soon? Then probably join the queue now!

Written and images by | Danial Malek