Introducing The New Generation Of Mercedes Me Apps

Introducing The New Generation Of Mercedes Me Apps

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Mercedes-Benz is presenting the new generation of Mercedes me Apps and its own, standardized developer platform. This sees the Mercedes me App, which links the vehicle with the smartphone turning into a digital ecosystem. On this joint basis, new services can be developed flexibly and individually in future. The offer initially encompasses three apps: Mercedes me, Mercedes me Store and Mercedes me Service.

The three apps are available to download in the App Store and in the Google Play Store and will be available in over 40 Mercedes me markets by the end of the year. The new Mercedes-Benz Apps combine improved base functionalities with attractive customer experience. They facilitate, for example, shorter update cycles. Operation is even easier and more intuitive at the same time.

Mercedes me App links the smartphone with the owner's vehicle. Displaying key status information such as mileage, range or tire pressure. Digital command functions additionally enable the stationary heater, the soft top or the side windows, and a brand new feature serves to flash up the headlamps to locate the vehicle in a dark car park through the app.

Mercedes me Store App offers convenient access to the digital products from Mercedes-Benz. It provides a quick overview of the term of each of the Mercedes me connect services and on-demand features used.

Mercedes me Service App provides a reminder of service or maintenance work. It displays active warning lamps and recommends appropriate measures. The app allows direct booking appointments with the workshop and also offers informative practical tutorial videos on ideal use of the vehicle.

Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for Sales: "The new generation of Mercedes me Apps makes it even easier for our customers to contact Mercedes-Benz around the clock. They can book a service appointment at their preferred dealership or send their next travel destination directly to their car by app, for example. We are always focused on making life easier for our customers. We are continually broadening our range of digital services to this end. The new Mercedes me App generation provides even simpler and intuitive access to our products and new services, such as a function for conveniently opening or closing windows or the panoramic roof by app."