It’s Not Pink! Porsche Introduces New Ruby Star Neo Color

It’s Not Pink! Porsche Introduces New Ruby Star Neo Color

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Porsche is one of those brands that listens to what their consumers want, teases the exact thing for a while and then immediately puts it up for sale with a hefty price tag because Porsche buyers are the type of nerds who would buy something because it reminds them a little bit of the 1980s. Sounds harsh? Yeah, but for Porsche nerds like myself, we appreciate these callbacks as a reason and way to love the brand just a little bit more.

But truth be told, a lot of manufacturers are starting to do this. However, Porsche does it in a way where you’re willing to go that extra mile to make your car look and feel special. We are indeed talking about colors. See, Porsche is known for their funky non-traditional colors back in the day. From the bright colors such as Bahama Yellow to the subtle shades of Slate Gray, Porsche practically makes skittles in the form of cars.

Since Porsche started offering their Paint-To-Sample programme or ‘PTS’, people have been opting their new Porsches in brilliant colors that puts other manufacturers to shame to be frankly honest. However, these do come at a hefty price tag and you have to actually wait for quite a while before you get your car in your driveway. But that being said, Porsche’s Ruby Star Red has always been a fan favorite.

Introducing The Ruby Star Neo

At the moment, Porsche has started offering a new shade of their iconic Ruby Star Red dubbed ‘Ruby Star Neo’ on a limited edition variant of their 718 Boxster and Cayman. What’s more surprising is that Porsche will be offering this color as a special non-PTS option for most of the 911 variants, meaning it will be offered with slight additional cost but not as expensive as the PTS option. However, the original Ruby Star Red will still in fact be a PTS option for those who prefer the original.

According to Porsche, the Ruby Star Neo “is a new interpretation or ‘neo’ of the very popular, historic Porsche color, Ruby Star. Compared to the historic color, the Neo does seem slightly darker and less saturated with a modern touch.” The color does in fact seem ever so slightly redder. That being said, photos may not do justice as the Ruby Star is lovely in real life.

Oh, a new special edition 718 Boxster comes with it too.

The color makes its formal debut with the 718 Boxster Style Edition but will be available for most two-door models excluding the GT3 RS, 718 GT4, 718 Spyder and 911 Sport Classic. According to PTS-connoisseur @ptsrs on Instagram, the paint is priced at $4,220 (USD) for the Ruby Star Neo, while the original PTS color will cost nearly three times more at $12,830 (USD) on a 911 GT3.

Absurd? Sure but it is very pretty. Also, you can get that Boxster with a 6-speed manual as standard. Ruby Stone Neo, white accents and black exhaust tips. Neat. Will be for sale at your local Porsche centre soon and if you are one of those who are lucky enough to get one, do choose the color. It’s not pink, seriously.

Written by | Danial Malek

Images by | Porsche