The 2-Stroke Engine Of The Future, Made By Malaysians!

The 2-Stroke Engine Of The Future, Made By Malaysians!

In today’s day and age, innovations are rather hard to come by. In a world where modern technology is basically in the palm of your hands, everything seems to be the most efficient or the most high performance version of what they can be. However, in the engineering world, a minor weight-loss here and a little bit of cost there can change the whole industry. That’s where this local engineering company is trying to shine. Trying to be innovative in any industry is never an easy feat but trying to be innovative in an industry that has been around for more than a century, now that’s just brave. Here we meet AZR Technologies, a Malaysian engineering firm which intends on creating innovative, emission friendly, cost-effective, high efficiency powertrain technology solutions for industry customers with clever internal combustion engines, EV propulsion and hybrids in mind. AZR Technologies is currently in the midst of developing and commercializing an internal-combustion engine which is designed for the masses such as aviation, marine, generators, heavy transport & automotive. It is said that their engines are compact, efficient, lightweight, low cost, few parts, multi-fuel capable including Hydrogen and fuels from renewable sources. While their main focus is still manufacturing high valued products for the aviation industry, their goal is to introduce new products for the non-aviation market. “We have a simpler, cheaper, lighter, engine for all applications, that can also run multiple fuels including from renewables.” says AZR Technologies. This comes after legislators demand 50% lower emissions across all sectors by 2030.

Their Solution For A Cleaner & Greener Future

An innovative 2-Stroke Cycle technology invented by a former F1 engine designer for the aviation industry combining the benefits and efficiencies of the usual common 4-stroke cycle engines and the cost and simplicity of 2-stroke cycle engines whilst eliminating the weaknesses of both. This results in significantly lighter, cheaper, multi-fuel, lower emissions, reliable engines appreciated by manufacturers. Update from Azrai Razuan, Founder of AZR Technologies
"As explained in our pitch video, the 2T technology was invented by our tech partner, a former F1 engine designer, for the General Aviation market. I'm standing next to a V4 version of that (The Engine)." "What we are doing is developing non-aviation versions, specifically a compact 8-Cylinder version for high performance application for a few of our key partners. At the same time, establishing contract manufacturing here for the aviation versions due to high demand from the aviation market."

A Bold Move But Is It Realistic?

With their engines now already available in the aviation industry, $10 million USD of sales orders is currently on the way with an additional $47 million USD currently on hold from potential customers. And that’s only from the aviation industry. However, there are also interested parties for the 4-wheeled sector with Malaysian-based Bufori and American-based Palatov Motorsports have signed MoUs with AZR Technologies. For the motorsport fans, the names of Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus and Brabham Automotive ring a bell? Yeah, those guys too are interested in the prospect of this project. That being said, even maritime companies are currently interested in the engine with the idea of waste-to-energy in mind. However, AZR Technologies are also looking into hydrogen propulsion for these said engines. Local institutes and brands too have expressed interest in the project with local universities such as UTM and UTHM willing to collaborate for the development of the engine. The local motorcycle brand, Modenas, has in fact expressed interest in the project as well. “Manufacturing supply chain assessment and road map study was commissioned to Ricardo PLC, a prominent engineering firm in the UK for the purpose of establishing end to end engine manufacturing and supply chain capabilities for high value, high precision, low volume, high mix type production in Malaysia.” says AZR Technologies.

A Potential In Formula One

According to AZR Technologies, Mr Pat Symonds, the CTO of Formula 1 was briefed on this technology and expressed encouragement and interest in our progress. It was widely reported in the press that he believed that clean 2-stroke hybrids may be the future powertrain for F1. We bid good luck and godspeed to the team behind AZR Technologies for their journey. Hopefully, this technology changes the world and pioneers a cleaner and greener future. They’re currently looking for future investors in case anyone is interested. Click here for more info. Images by | AZR Technologies