The All-New Mercedes-Benz GLA Progressive and AMG Line

The All-New Mercedes-Benz GLA Progressive and AMG Line

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz GLA has finally entered the Malaysian market as the eighth model for the marques’ premium SUV line-up. In the recent virtual launch, held on Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s official Facebook page, the GLA was unveiled by the President & CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, Dr. Claus Weidner. Unveiled in two variants with two different engine options. Despite being the entry level model to the SUV line-up, the GLA is able to carry Mercedes’ exclusive traits of being a premium, luxury manufacturer. Designed for the wilderness and enjoyed in the city, the GLA retains it’s compact versatility while having the progressive design of an SUV without compromising the ride quality of a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes claims to have given the GLA a new sense of strength in terms of character, convenience and comfort.

Available Trims For The New GLA

The available trims for the GLA are the Progressive Line and the AMG Line. While the GLA 200 receives the Progressive Line, the GLA 250 receives the latter. 18” alloy wheels do come as standard but only the AMG Line receives a sporty exterior with suspension. Both variants offer 10.25” infotainment screens with MBUX and Mercedes Me as standard. The GLA 200 too receives features such as Active Brake Assist. However, only the GLA 250 receives safety systems such as the Blind Spot Assist. All Mercedes comes with a 4-year warranty with the option to extend.

GLA 200 Progressive Line

The GLA 200 Progressive Line is the entry level for the GLA range. The GLA 200 is powered by the similar Renault-sourced turbocharged 1.33-litre four cylinder found in the A 200. Mated to a Getrag 7G-DCT transmission, the engine produces 163hp at 5,500rpm and will be capable of obtaining a top speed of 210km/h. A peak torque of 250Nm is achieved between 1,620 to 4,000 rpm, completing the 0-100km/h sprint in 8.7s.

GLA 250 AMG Line

In case you’re wanting more, fret not as the GLA 250 AMG Line has a more traditional Mercedes-Benz powerunit. A turbocharged 224hp 2.0-litre four cylinder mated to a new 8G DCT transmission. Able to do a 0-100km/h sprint in 6.9s. With a peak torque of 350Nm between 1,800 - 4,000 rpm. The top speed too has been increased in regards to the higher output, now maxed out at 240km/h.

The Retail Price

The GLA 200 Progressive Line is now priced at RM 244,199.82 OTR without insurance while the GLA 250 AMG Line is priced at RM 285,336.66 OTR without insurance. However, these prices are only valid until 31st December 2020 as the prices will be increased effective from 1st January 2021 due to SST. Prices after 1st January 2021 will be RM 252,888.00 for the GLA 200 while the GLA 250 will be priced at RM 295,888.00. Mercedes also now offers “EaseProtect Financing Plan” for their models with a limited-time package of a 2 months payment holiday, with a guarantee of the future value of their cars. Written by | Danial Malek Photos by | Mercedes-Benz Malaysia