The Off-Roading Dream — The Bradley V TA-Limited!

The Off-Roading Dream — The Bradley V TA-Limited!

Wheels are often referred to as an essential modification for any car, all cars can be made to look better with just a set of wheels. And if you went onto the streets of Kuala Lumpur, I bet that you could spot a random vehicle with aftermarket wheels in just a matter of minutes. But that being said, a lot of the wheels you see here are usually replicas that cost a fraction of the price. You can argue all you want about the functionality of using original or replicas but one dealer in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah begs to differ.

We flew all the way to Kota Kinabalu to check out Global Tyres Borneo for the launch of a special set of wheels as a collaboration between 4x4Engineering and Global Tyres Borneo. If you’re into the off-roading scene, you may have heard of the ‘Bradley’ wheels. A 5-spoke wheel designed specifically for 6-lug off-roaders such as the Toyota’s Land Cruiser and Hilux. The collaboration comes to light after a 2-year planning process and thus, the Bradley V TA-Limited is born.

4x4Engineering — The Bradley V Wheels.

A little bit of history for those who may not be an off-road enthusiast like myself, the "Bradley 01" four-wheel drive wheel from 4x4 Engineering Services was introduced in 1983, at a time where there were almost only American-made options when it came to 4x4-specific wheels. The Bradley V, which followed, was developed based on a thoroughly function-oriented philosophy.

A robust yet capable design that can withstand international off-road races and trial competitions. It never really caught on in Japan as compared to its popularity in Europe where off-road racing was popular. However, overtime and after the success of the wheels in Europe, Japanese automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Isuzu also took notice of the Bradley V.

The Bradley V TA-Limited - 4x4Engineering x Global Tyres Borneo

The Bradley V TA-Limited however was introduced due the fact that Malaysia is one of the biggest consumers of aftermarket off-road wheels in South East Asia. The ‘T’ and ‘A’ are the initials of the men who are behind the collaboration, Taku Kusugami-san of 4x4Engineering and Alan Fung of Global Tyres Borneo.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the men and it was delightful to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the people behind the project. Me, someone who is completely oblivious to the off-roading community, had a lot of questions regarding the wheels and brand which they were happy to share and respond to every single one of them. Even going to great lengths to explain the subtle differences in design. The Bradley V wheels have had multiple iterations throughout the years. However, the new Bradley V TA-Limited is slightly different from the rest. While maintaining its iconic 5-spoke design, the TA-Limited has a more refined outlook. Not only that, the wheels too have gone through multiple testings before the launch just like every other Bradley V wheels. The men from 4x4Engineering were eager to show me the capabilities of what the Bradley V can endure, to the point of showing me a video of the wheels being used without tires, and mind you, it was in an off-road setting. This only brought up more questions, which once again, the men were happy to respond to.

Now Available Worldwide!

The Bradley V TA-Limited is available in three colours; Matte Black, Matte Bronze and Gun Metallic. It is only available in one size of 18”x9.0J, however, you can opt either one of two offsets +15 or 0. For now, the wheels are only available for PCD 139.7/6H but 4x4Engineering and Global Tyres Borneo have hinted on the possibility of a 5-hole configuration for the Toyota FJ Cruiser in the future. The center caps are an optional item but a set of wheels do include two units of the removable metal air valve stem.

For Malaysians who are interested in the Bradley V TA-Limited wheels, do contact Global Tyres Borneo at +6016-8302557 for more information or check their Facebook page or Instagram page. They are the official Malaysian distributor for 4x4Engineering wheels offer shipping services domestically as well as for international buyers.

Written by | Danial Malek

Photos by | Zahid Kasim