Understanding the Michelin PS5 with a Nissan Skyline GT-R!

Understanding the Michelin PS5 with a Nissan Skyline GT-R!

We had a Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R with Michelin’s Pilot Sport 5 for a day. What’s not to like?
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Malaysia arguably has one of the harshest road conditions in this region, with unpredictable weather, temperature and even just traffic in general. Hence, driving a sports car in Malaysia can be rather troublesome or just downright impractical. However, we as car enthusiasts will always be willing to sacrifice comfort and a bit of sense to enjoy our treasured machines.

To us, cars are more than just a ‘point A to point B’ mode of transport. No matter the type of car, driving as a whole is an experience that most people would have to endure on a daily basis. That being said, there’s always a better way to make your drive and daily commute just a little bit more enjoyable, possibly even just by changing the tires.

JDM Legends and High-Tech Tires

When we had the keys to a Skyline R32 GT-R, we thought would be a great fit for the new Pilot Sport 5. Since we had a set of Nismo LMGT-4s in hand, we took the R32 to TyrePlus over in Glenmarie and looked for a set of the Pilot Sport 5 in 265/35R18 size to fit the massive wheels and that’s just what Michelin had in stock.

Since some of the best cars we’ve driven over the recent years were running on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, it’s been proven that these tires have been a local favorite for quite a while. One thing that everyone has praised about the PS4 was how comfortable yet very capable it is, especially in wet conditions. And this being Malaysia, if it isn’t hot, it’s drenched in rain.

Now, back to the brand-new Pilot Sport 5. It retains everything that everybody loved about the tires but made it better. It is stilla superb tire under harsh conditions but retains the rather unassuming pattern. Durability and great steering response havealways been something that was highly praised about itspredecessor and the Pilot Sport 5 doesn’t disappoint in that matter as well.

Checking Out What the Pilot Sport 5 Has to Offer

Right after installing the tires, we took the car out and it instantly felt much more solid to drive especially on those chunkier and meaty rubber on the wheels. What makes it even better is spirited driving or in KL, avoiding potholes, the Dynamic Response technology which consists of a hybrid aramid and nylon belt which optimizes steering responsivenessand driving precision.

And especially when weather comes into play, Michelin’s experience in motorsports brings out the confidence in the rain with their Dual Sport Tread Design technology, where the outer and inner surfaces of the tire have different tread patterns. The outer tread with rigid blocks serves to maximum dry grip, while the inner tread with larger grooves deals with wet grip.

Apart from that, the Pilot Sport 5 is built for longevity, despite it being used mostly for sport and performance. Thanks to MaxTouch Construction, Michelin made it possible for tires to last longer as this technology evenly distributes forces of cornering, acceleration and braking evenly across the tire tread maximizing the tire’s contact patch thus allowing a longer tread life.

Tire Ownership Made Convenient

Another great thing about the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is that it looks brilliant. It may not be fancy, nor does it scream in your face but rather, it boasts a sleek and matte-black sidewall, that gives it a Premium Touch. I love the fact that Michelin makes it easy for you, as a consumer, to check the tread wear in order tooptimize the lifespan of the tires, which they call ‘Wear2Check’. These come in the form of three holes near the sidewall, which indicates tread wear. If the indicators are barely visible, it means that it’s time for you to change your tires.

Anyway, we had a Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R with Michelin’s Pilot Sport 5 for a day. What’s not to like?

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