NEpicks: Top 5 Car Events in Malaysia! - 2020

NEpicks: Top 5 Car Events in Malaysia! - 2020

With 2020 coming to an end, we bid farewell to what a year it was for car enthusiasts. As the pandemic lockdown started in the middle of March, a lot of events throughout the year were forced to be postponed or even cancelled. That made us quite sad as the Malaysian car scene has been thriving lately. However, we've managed to find the top automotive events of the year that we covered. So, get comfy with your teh tarik, it's a long one.

Tea & Tires V5

A week before the COVID-19 lockdown, we managed to proceed with our annual Tea & Tires. Located at Damansuria Open Parking, Tea & Tires v5 had about 500 cars in attendance that day. From a mint local hero to a JDMified Italian stallion, friends from all over decided to share their Saturday with us. Safe to say it was a successful event despite a downpour in the afternoon. We also unveiled The Motorsports People (TMP) as well as NoEqual Two Wheels (NETWO) as subsidiaries of NoEqual.Co. Covering the vast spectrum of the automotive media industry. Unfortunately, a lot of coverage has been limited due to the government-mandated SOPs. From cancelled races to online car launches during the MCO period, it's been a rather slow year but we're picking up where we left off.

Okay, we lied.

The list ends here as Tea & Tires was the only event that we got to attend this year. As enthusiasts of the car culture, not being able to attend big annual events such as Art of Speed & Retro Havoc, makes us rather sad as these are usually the highlights of the year. Heck, even our Nocturne Attack track day had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Though, hopefully 2021 will treat us better with more events as many of the pending projects are back in the works. You could check the full album here on our Facebook page. Written by | Danial Malek