NE Reviews - 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 200

NE Reviews - 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC 200

The world of premium mid-sized SUVs has clearly gone bezzerk in recent years as the market segment has grown significantly strong. While many of us may disagree on their existence, we can’t deny the fact that people love them! Every other family vehicle on the road these days are SUVs and it’s all thanks to the versatility it provides and safe persona it emits to the general minds. Mercedes Benz introduced the GLC in 2015, as a mid-segment SUV based on the C-klasse platform (also why you notice the C in the GLC name). It is undoubtedly a talented all-rounder and now has become a very important car for the brand, especially in Malaysia where it sits amongst the best selling models in the tri-star lineup. And we spent some seat time with the baby of the klasse - the GLC 200.

What’s It Like To Drive?

For driving enthusiasts like us, this always matters. But let’s be honest the height in which the GLC sits on will always questions the mind how exactly this point can be important. Though we beg to differ. It is more important that a tall riding car like an SUV to drive and handle well, because it needs to stay planted and be light on its feet with all the weight it carries. If you’re familiar with the C-klasse platform, then you’ll understand that the space is rather confined on the inside. But the GLC feels miles bigger to be in, despite the platform relations. Let’s be honest, this being a GLC 200 it won’t be breaking records but rather just be a quiet little space where you can commute yourself in daily. Such cruiser needs to deliver comfort and ease of drive for 365 days a year to the owner with zero complains. And we’re happy to report that this mainstream, base model 200 version of the GLC serves well. Underneath is home to a 2.0-litre in-line 4 turbocharged engine with 197bhp and 320nm on taps. Yes, for a 2.3 tonne car that doesn’t sound rather pleasing, but the mating of the 9G-tronic gearbox helps the car to feel lighter on its feet on a daily commute. Top speed is tied at 217kmh and it will still do the 100km/h sprint in less than 8 seconds. Sure, it may not be a driver’s SUV but the GLC 200 isn’t exactly targeted for that market in mind. The platform it sits on comes from a long development of ruddy good cars, and if we were to compare the baby of the range versus the daddy GLC 63 AMG which we’ve had the opportunity to spend time with, we must say that it still resembles a lot of the plush and confident riding persona despite it being the base model GLC 200. For most, this is more than enough as a convincing proposition to a daily roundabout that will comfortably ferry the family on a weekend long distance trip. Though we think the drive may not be as memorable, we feel that there is nothing wrong with a good recipe that works.

Looks and Outlook

This mid-life refresh on the X253 GLC body is quite a handsome facelift. Notice the more confident frontal fascia, taking after bits of the AMG design language on the front bumper and updated headlights that definitely fits the bodyline better. On the rear, the shape of the lights remain unchanged, however Mercedes Benz refreshed the LED strips to give it a newer persona. The interior is probably where the refresh is most major for the GLC 200. It now receives a 5.5 inch digital cluster screen which is standard across the range, in favour of the rather dated looking analog dials from before. Similar story with the infotainment screen, as it’s now been replaced by a fully touch screen 10.25 inch screen which really accentuates the interior of the car. Little technological bits like this truly helps the everyday driving feel of the car, giving that touch of premium class to enjoy your commutes. We can take note as well on the updated steering which we think looks and feels sportier than the one before. Space wise, the GLC is quite a big car for its platform. It will comfortably carry 4 adults in ease, with the occasional 5 when need be. The seats are ergonomically pleasant, and despite this being a base model, there is very little hints that Mercedes Benz had cut it’s premium feel in any way. Kudos, we think that’s a massive ace right there.


Over the years, the GLC has become a regular sight on our roads. Thanks to it’s package, it has won it’s way to the hearts of many family earners in the market and with the new update, we feel it’ll most definitely strike better. Though the GLC 200 is the baby in the range, we feel that Mercedes Benz still offers a rather complete and premium package on it’s entry level model. Though it may not offer the most memorable drive, as an all-rounder SUV, we think it’ll deliver exactly what it’s asked for over it’s period of ownership. Looks wise, we quite like the new fascia which we think will win a lot of hearts to those looking for an SUV of this caliber. Priced at RM299,888 (OTR without Insurance), it most certainly opens the GLC 200 up to a lot of the rivals in the market. But the fancy interior of this car is probably the best selling point that will win the hearts of many looking to buy one. Written By | Qhalis Najmi