PSA - Why Every Car Deserves Brembo?

PSA - Why Every Car Deserves Brembo?

In the automotive world, Brembo is one of those few brands that everybody recognizes no matter wherever you are. Say the word 'Brembo' and everybody understands what you're talking about. Despite being a leader in braking systems in the market with the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and such, Brembo also now manufacture products that are applicable for the general masses. Through their extensive research and development on high-performance vehicles, Brembo has expanded their line of products as an aftermarket option for most production vehicles which also includes industrial vehicles and machinery. With the racing pedigree going back to the 1960's, Brembo has been used in almost all forms of motorsports, ranging from Formula One, Dakar Rally, MotoGP etc. and now made possible for even Proton and Perodua.

What Are These Brembo Products?

Brembo has your whole braking system covered, from brake pads to even the brake lubricants. With Brembo, they have a whole line of pads that would suit to your every need. The range of brake pads ensures maximum safety when braking thanks to absolute control of all production stages. From research and development to testing, passing through production of the friction compound and mechanical processing. The Brembo Pads are made to manufacturer standards, while the Xtra Pads are offered as an upgraded option and the HP 2000 Pads for your high-performance needs. Other than the brake pads, Brembo also produces their own line of brake discs. With R&D, laboratory and road testing, production and distribution: the control over the entire production cycle allows Brembo to offer a brake disc range with excellent performance, reliability, durability, and comfort in all conditions. Brembo manufactures the discs such as the Brembo Disc to be paired for most users who seek confidence in braking. However, for the consumers who are interested in performance, discs such as the drilled Xtra Discs as well as the slotted Max Discs offer better heat dissipation and resistance to cracks. To ensure that your brake components do not produce any unnecessary noise, vibration or harshness (N.V.H), Brembo has also produced a lubricant that will eliminate any potential noise with the Brembo B-Quiet. The B-Quiet is the new lubricant available in the range of Aftermarket products. It has to be applied on the contact surfaces between the pad and the brake caliper. B-QUIET helps the braking system to work properly avoiding any noise from arising and assures an enhanced part protection from corrosion. To be paired with your pads and discs, brake fluids are also an essential item for your stopping needs. With Brembo, they offer brake fluids that are made to industry standards such as the DOT 4, DOT 4 L.V. (Low Viscosity) and DOT 5.1. These are the brake fluids that are used on all vehicles as per required by their manufacturers. Despite following the industry standards, the properties of Brembo brake fluids have a higher boiling point that exceeds the standard, thus offering superior resistance to the vapour lock and ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures which includes high anti-corrosion properties and resistance to oxidation.

Where can I buy original Brembo products from?

In Malaysia, there are a lot of imitation products on the market that are priced unreasonably low or some even higher than the retail price. Therefore, there is only one exclusive distributor for the Brembo brand in Malaysia and that is Emerald Auto Parts Sdn Bhd. With genuine Brembo products by Emerald Auto Parts, there is a QR Code that could be scanned by consumers to ensure the authenticity of the product. Located in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, Emerald has all the aforementioned parts for most makes and models that are available in this country including Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and more. They have such a vast inventory that we even found Brembo brake pads for some uber cool cars such as a Porsche 959, Porsche Carrera GT and even the Dodge Viper! However, Emerald too carries many other products apart from Brembo.

Who are Emerald Auto Parts and what else do they have?

As the market leader with over 40 years of experience in the industry, Emerald offers a high level of service along with a vast inventory of quality parts as well as aftermarket automotive parts. Other than Brembo products, Emerald carry other known reputable brands for hydraulic brake parts, control cables, engine timing parts, engine electronic parts and engine cooling system.

Why should you buy from Emerald Auto Parts?

Emerald emphasizes loyalty, integrity and devotion, hence ensuring customers genuine and quality products. With a company like Emerald, rest assured that you are in safe hands as they are willing to go the extra mile to fulfil their customer's needs and interests to the highest level of satisfaction and safety. Emerald too shares knowledge in creating awareness through their educational program 'Braking Expert Program', on updated braking system technology and road safety nationwide, which is powered by Brembo and endorsed by MARii (Malaysia Automotive Robotics and IoT Institute), is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to promote road safety. Check out Brembo full list of products for your car or visit Emerald Auto Parts located in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur. For more info, you can visit their website or contact them at +603-62419215 or WhatsApp