Audi R8 LMS GT3 gets updated with the EVO II!

Audi R8 LMS GT3 gets updated with the EVO II!

In case this sounds familiar to you, yes, Audi had already launched the R8 LMS GT3 EVO back in 2019. But the quest in refining a race car is a never ending one and they had further improved this trusty race platform with an updated version. Ladies and gents, say hello to the Audi R8 LMS GT3 EVO II.

Don't Fix Something That Isn't Broken? Not Necessarily

If the previous car was good enough for them back then, what could they possibly do to make it even better? According to Audi, they have “optimized” the second package to offer “better drivability” across five key areas – aerodynamics, traction control, engine characteristics, chassis, and climate control. “With the first evolution of 2019, we have already embarked on a path that focuses more strongly on the customer teams and the wishes from amateur sport,” said Chris Reinke, head of Audi Sport customer racing. “We have now maintained this direction with many new ideas. Whether it’s engine characteristics, interior climate control, chassis, or traction control, we have consistently implemented the wishes that our globally active teams have brought to us. “The new evolution meets the needs of our customers even more. The majority of the innovations reflect the wishes that the teams have expressed to us.”

New Wing, New Character

Probably one of the main visual changes on the EVO II is the rear wing where it looks similar to what one will find on the their current GT2 and TCR cars. The updated rear wing generates more downforce than the pervious version and shifts most of the downforce generation from the underfloor to the rear of the car. This is said to be a move that is designed to make the car “less sensitive” under braking. The 5.2-liter V10 engine still remains the same, but the EVO II receives a new intake system. The engine will still require its 10,000km service and 20,000km rebuild intervals. The traction control receives an update, and now four-way shock absorbers has replaced the original two-way. And good news to those racing especially in South East Asia, there is also an air conditioning unit that extracts heat from the cockpit via a refrigeration circuit. The EVO II comes with a price tag of USD 505,000 (RM 2.132 million), but Audi has yet to come up with a price for those who wish to upgrade their EVO into the EVO II specs.