JV Motorsport Officially Launches Racing Team for S1K, Unveils Myvi Livery!

JV Motorsport Officially Launches Racing Team for S1K, Unveils Myvi Livery!

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Remember the silver Perodua Myvi we posted recently testing at Sepang Circuit? Get ready to see it in action soon as JV Motorsport had officially launched their racing team which is set to tackle the gruelling Sepang 1000KM endurance race this weekend!

The launch of the JV Motorsport Racing Team S1K 2022 was held at 204 Autoworks, with partners and drivers present during the event. The unique Perodua Myvi G3 race car was also unveiled in its racing colors, finished in grey with green and red stripes running throughout the car. Set to pilot the car in the race will be Fariqe Hairuman, Faiz Sulaiman, and Syafiq Rosli.

This is a very brave and gutsy move by the team as they will be the first to enter a Perodua Myvi 1.5L 4AT in the S1K. It is a great challenge for them as not only have zero data on how to set up the car for such a race, the decision to participate was only made in September, giving them very little time to work on the car.

Luckily, the team received an overwhelming support from JV Auto Lube in running the race, as well as from other partners such as DMM Performance, 204 Autoworks, Motor Addict Autohaus, Ftuned Racing Suspension, Wrap Autowerks, Reban Blackbird, and Nthree Brake Specialist. It is also encouraging to see Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) expressing their interest in joining the team to provide lubricant technology support as well!

Some of you may wonder, why did they pick a Myvi for such a demanding race, when platforms like Suzuki Swifts and Honda Jazzs are the more obvious and proven choices to enter the race?

The Myvi is one of the nation’s sweetheart on the roads, known by many for its reliability. JV Motorsport would like to harness this reliability and hoping to use it to their advantage in this upcoming endurance race, exploring the possibility of the Myvi in being an effective race platform. At the same time, they are also using this outing to develop a new Automatic Transmission Fluid for JV Auto Lube.

While it does seem like an uphill climb for the team to go against the likes of Swifts and Jazzs in the S-Production category, their main objective here is not to win the race, but to reach the checkered flag. It may sound like an easy task to some, but one should remember that S1K runs for almost nine hours and in an endurance race, anything can go wrong.

From the data collected, JV Motorsport will further develop the Myvi with the help of DMM Performance, and possibly enter the car on other race series where they have already expressed their interest in joining in the Malaysia Championship Series for next year.

If you wish to see the first Myvi in action at S1K, head on to Sepang Circuit as the grandstands are open for free to the public! And with a fee of only RM106, you can get a paddock entrance which will give you a more up close and personal experience of the race that you will never forget.

We also would like to wish JV Motorsport Racing Team all the best for the upcoming race!