OBG Kicks Off Drift Academy Test Day Series 1.0!

OBG Kicks Off Drift Academy Test Day Series 1.0!

What’s the best way to learn the art of drifting other than having experienced gurus guiding you throughout the way? That’s the initiative that OBG had taken as they launched the OBG Drift Academy Test Day Series 1.0 over at Stadium Shah Alam!

Featuring 10+ cars with names like Nim and Rejab invited to the event, the sunny Sunday morning was immediately filled with smoke and tire bits as the event was organized to show how much the OBG Drift Academy students had improved.

Although this was just a “test day”, the students also had to put on their A-game for the session as the watchful eyes of the instructors were monitoring their every move. Mr. Kei was covering the lines, Bullzai on the angle, and Mervyn Nakamura was in charge for style. The instructors will be looking out on how the students handled the layouts, giving them experience in tandem battles, and evaluating the students to move a step further.

The students had definitely learnt a lot in their time with the academy as they had progressed from executing basic donuts to figure eights, as well as performing close tandem battles. “After about a year, we saw a lot of improvements on the student’s skills and techniques that we instructors felt it’s time to put it to a test”, said Bullzai.

“We would like to continue having more test days with the other drift teams so that OBG Academy students can prepare themselves well enough for the next coming drift competition”.

It is encouraging to see an organization like OBG getting hands-on in developing new talents, as well as the support given from bodies like MAM, KBS and Retro Havoc to this initiative. Will we be seeing a new household name in drifting born from this academy? We sure hope so!