Getting a GR Yaris and Want More Power?

Getting a GR Yaris and Want More Power?

The GR Yaris was one of the most highly anticipated cars of 2020 and it received a lot of attention during it's release. Despite the RM299,000 price tag, most who understood the importance of the car definitely saw the potential it possesses. It's been awhile since we last saw a short wheel base car that packs similar amounts of power. But what if the 261hp isn't enough for you? UK-based tuner, Litchfield, is here to satisfy your needs. Litchfield, the tuner that makes the already fast Nissan GT-R go faster, has recently announced they're already developing bolt-on go-fast-bits for the GR Yaris. The head honcho at Litchfield, Iain Litchfield, actually purchased a pair of these hot hatches to speed up the research process. Already showing a performance figure of more than 300hp for the GR Yaris with just bolt-on upgrades.

Will it be the ultimate hatch?

They've ran initial tests with the black unit, testing out a "piggyback-style tuning box" which bumps up the boost pressure. With the 1.6-litre turbo now producing a healthy 300hp, they're already thinking of doing a full exhaust or a catback system. An upgraded intercooler with new intakes are also already in the pipelines. In case you want the whole WRC experience, they're offering a bolt-on roll cage, polyurethane chassis bushes, race seats and tweaked suspension setups. The setup will apparently “deliver the most transformative improvement, both dynamically and aesthetically”, which honestly doesn't sound cheap to be honest. However, the other white unit was sent to Nitron, a UK-based suspension manufacturer, to develop two new ‘high-performance’ setups, with three-way adjustment, and a more wallet-friendly two-way kit. This kit consists of a new set of springs aimed at reducing the GR Yaris’ lofty ride height while improving the ride.

But is it necessary?

Litchfield claims that “Once the initial novelty of this amazing car begins to wear off, you become aware of the unforgiving ride on longer journeys and the fact it sits very high and has large gaps between the wheels and arches”. So maybe balancing the dampers, valves and spring rates for a broader dynamic range and a lower ride height might make sense in the end. Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Litchfield Motors