Toyota's Research Says Drifting Might Save Your Life

Toyota's Research Says Drifting Might Save Your Life

Everybody loves a bit of drifting action in their lives. Even if you think it's a hooligan's idea of a hobby, there's a part of you that says "that's pretty cool". And same goes to when you're driving responsibly and suddenly lose a bit of the back end traction. Once you're able to counter that bit of oversteer, you'll most likely think about that slide with a grin on your face. But science people in white lab coats have figured out how drifting might save your life. Well at least that's what these scientists are saying. Scientists from Stanford University has partnered up with Toyota's Research Institute (TRI) to innovate a technology that helps prevent accidents. How you might ask? The researchers have made an advance tech that maneuvers the car without the intervention of a human. "Okay, what does that have to do with drifting?", a whole lot apparently.

More Drifts, Less Collisions

What they've done is try to combine the reflexes of a race car driver while having the sensors and brains of a computer. Said racing reflexes are from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) themselves. Toyota's Vehicle Dynamics Control Team are also supporting this in order to put this innovation onto future Toyota automobiles. They say this is to gain valuable data and life-saving insight and not about burning rubber and going sideways.

They Didn't Use A Prius Either

Also, in order for them to proceed with these tests, they didn't take a standard Camry with spare wheels fitted. They actually used an A90 Supra. So, maybe it was for science after all. You could actually check the video out here where they put in a driver although he wasn't in control of the drifts or even the shifts. Actually, it's pretty weird to see a sequential shifter like it was possessed. Well, this is still a work in progress and jokes aside, it seems pretty cool that your car might drift itself in the future to actually save you from injuries. However, this doesn't mean you can go up Ulu Yam later and tell the cops "No, I'm not drifting! Honestly, it's the car.". Though, the idea of driverless cars self-drifting in the hills at night kinda freaks me out. Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Toyota