NoEqual at Art Of Speed 2022!

NoEqual at Art Of Speed 2022!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been talking a lot about Art of Speed over the recent month due to the fact that it’s THE event of the year and it’s an event we’ve been looking forward to after everything being resumed since the ending of the Movement Control Order (MCO). We’ve been going on tour to promote the event by joining the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Melaka and even the Volkscamp Bekwoh in Tumpat, Kelantan.

That being said, all these events lead up to Art of Speed and with our philosophy of “Layan Everything”, if it moves, we’ll probably be excited to check it out. However, this is the final week before everything we’ve planned for this year is shown to the public at the Art of Speed, at MAEPS, Serdang. And mind you, we are going above and beyond this year with what we have in store. From partners and vendors, we’ve carefully crafted displays at N.E.A.T Fest in Hall C that should cater to everyone’s needs.


For this year, we’ve teamed up with Unipac Engineering as our official tools and equipment partner for our displays in the hall. In case you intend on getting your hands on some tools, fret not, as Unipac will be having a special discount on selected items just for the weekend. But wait, there’s more as Unipac is giving away a Beta Tools 98-piece socket set for two lucky winners. All you gotta do is beat the challenge!

Another partner for this year is Miyagi as our official detailing service for the cars in our hall. They will be doing a live detailing session over the weekend on a lovely classic JDM. Apart from their live display, Miyagi will also be showcasing detailing demonstrations as well as a giveaway where participants will be able to win a detailing package for their personal vehicle. Check out their Instagram page and see how detailed their work is!

We’ve also teamed up with our friends at Titan Suspension as our official suspension partner. We’ve been working with the Titan Suspension family for awhile now *cough cough MODS101*, so they’re rather excited to be a part of this year’s Art of Speed. Not only that, there’s another giveaway to be won from Titan Suspension. While they haven’t announced the prize, it is in fact a suspension company. Care to take a few hints?

Where there are events with old cars, there is always a problem somewhere waiting to happen. This is where our official workshop partner steps in. Optimal Premium Motors who specialises in services and repairs on premium vehicles. They too have partnered up with Bespoke Motoring for Art of Speed. Word on the street is that they are bringing an exclusive and limited edition supercar on display. How exclusive? You may just need to be there to find out.

If you’ve been watching our YouTube videos, these two names may be rather familiar. Valhalla and Distrix14. These two names are part of our lifestyle content partners for Art of Speed. If you’re into air-cooled Porsches, the Valhalla display is not to be missed as not only the cars but the whole garage will be put on display. Fans of the drifting scene too should be delighted to see cars from the boys at Distrix14 as they replicate their setups for the display.

We’ve partnered with not only one but two wrap specialists for this weekend. One of which is CraftLab who are also wrapping some of our exclusive display vehicles, as well as being our content partner for the weekend. They are also unveiling something new into the wrap scene. Another wrap partner is Murda Wrap Works who is bringing back a treasured piece of Malaysian automotive history to life, a car you may recognise from our videos.

Another showcase that we are proud to display are wheels and tires by HupShun Tyres. Wheels are always something that we car guys are very particular about and who else to talk about wheels other than HupShun. As advocates of original wheels, we decided to partner up with people who brings in some of the finest specced wheels around. They’ll be displaying a few units from their JDM collection, which will also be offered for sale if anyone is interested.

One of the partners we’re excited to announce is Fire Fighter. Yes, the company that sells fire extinguishers. We’re collaborating with them for a special edition and exclusive design of fire extinguishers which we teased back in February at Velocity Motor Show. They are our official fire suppressing partner and we’re excited to put the collaboration on display. The product will be on sale this weekend which comes in an exclusive pack!

N.E.A.T Fest

We have handpicked nearly 40 cars in total which we are proud to display under our area this year. Ranging from classics, locals and even race cars, these cars will redefine the idea of Art of Speed for years to come. Some of these cars may have not even been seen by the public’s eyes as their owners who see these cars as valuable art pieces. Well, to be fair, we can’t blame them. Especially when some are 50+ year old JDM legends. I may have said too much.

NoEqual.Co at Art of Speed 2022

We too are taking our booth to new heights for this year! Everything is bigger and better than ever before. New merchandise as well as we are bringing out new designs for almost all types of clothing. From t-shirts to caps, everything will be unveiled this weekend! But don’t worry as we are clearing up our old stock as well, but as usual, on a first come first serve basis. So, head over to Art of Speed this weekend, come chill and chat with us, about anything and everything about cars. See you there!

Written by | Danial Malek