Porsche 930 Turbo. Reimagined By Singer

Porsche 930 Turbo. Reimagined By Singer

These days, companies that offer "restore-modify" or "restomods" are sprouting out from just about everywhere and they all do modern interpretations of cars that either we lusted over as a child or just awesomely cool cars that are iconic even today. I'm talking about companies like Automobili Amos with their rendition of the Lancia Delta Integrale or my current favourite, Smit Vehicle Engineering with the Oletha, a modern version of BMW’s Z8. However, the company that really kickstarted this trend is undoubtedly Singer Reimagined. Often regarded as Porsche 911 hotrodders, Singer has birthed a cult of newfound air-cooled Porsche aficionados and practically skyrocketed the prices of these old cars. While we are frankly quite bitter that once RM50,000 Porsches are now fetching at least RM300,000 but it’s understood that these cars are actually going up in value everywhere in the world. And if you watch our recent Man//Machine episode on YouTube, there is even a local Porsche restomodder that goes by the name, Valhalla.

Singer’s New Study — 930 Turbo

Rob Dickinson, founder of Singer Reimagined, has unveiled their latest model, the 930 Turbo. This marks the first forced induction project by Singer as they have only been doing the non-turbo models since their inception. That being said, this 930 could also be the start of Singer’s G-body 911 projects. However, Singer has not changed the outlook of the Turbo. It relatively looks the same other than the fact that it looks much more modernised. I have to say that the Singer 930 Turbo has rather spoiled my view of the original 930 Turbo as it has made it seem very old. That being said, Singer’s 930 Turbo improves the idea of the car. Everything you see here is actually a revised version of the original. The company feeds on the details that make it perfect. Every single panel, apart from the doors, are actually new and Singer being Singer, it’s made using carbon fiber. The kicker however is that this 930 Turbo is built on a 964 platform.

The Crown Jewel Turbochargers

The Singer 930 Turbo comes with twin spooly bois that are taken off from the current-generation 992. It also sports two hidden intercoolers with the air being routed through the über cool ducts at the front part of the rear wheel well. Due to the location of the intercoolers, Singer was able to fit the 70s-esque rear wing without the need of placing the intercooler under it. The engine is a 3.8-litre Mezger flat-six which develops “more than 450hp” which sends the power to either the rear or all four wheels through a six-speed manual, depending on the customer’s specifications. The exact power can also be specified according to the customer. This makes the car more-or-less 130hp more than the original 930 Turbo. The suspension is also set up to focus as a high-speed GT cruiser instead of chasing times around a track.

The Interior Is Where It Shines

Instead of going the same route with the exterior, Singer went above and beyond for the interior. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. And that’s for an interior! Anti lock brakes, traction control and power steering are all equipped but creature comforts such as heated seats, electronic controls and cruise control are optional extras. It even has wood, cork and granite! Well of course, everything comes at a price and Singers aren’t cheap in the first place. For this? Singer hasn’t mentioned but we’re pretty sure it’s at least a cool $1,000,000 USD (RM4,180,000) but that didn’t seem to put 70 people off however. Insanity? Probably but wow, I’m impressed. Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Singer Reimagined