Putting The 90's Back Into The A90 Supra

Putting The 90's Back Into The A90 Supra

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Let's be honest, the new Toyota Supra is not for everybody and is rather far apart from the car it was suppose to replace. Now with Nissan putting the Supra in an awkward position between overpriced and rather uninteresting when they announced the new Z. Despite being a BMW if you peel off all the skin, the Supra still has quite a lot of great attributes. However, what if you want to give the BMW Supra a lot more of the 90's Toyota Supra? You may have seen these tail lamps on the internet, however these were never produced. A collaboration work between artist Anthony Bell and Ted Li. They are planning on releasing on a pre-order basis at $999USD (RM4,230) before taxes and shipping. Though, these may also not be built if there aren't at least 25 orders. That being said, if you are interested, they offer full refunds if the project doesn't come through.

Unveiling at SEMA

Anthony and Ted will be launching their product officially at this year's SEMA in Las Vegas on the 2nd of November. However, for Japanese customers, the tail lamp will be launched earlier by Arios. Arios Suzuki, the founder of the company, was intrigued by the project and became a partner to the project. Arios intends on launching it at the Supra Owners Meeting on the 17th of October in Japan.

A Fitting Homage?

This may be a piece of the Supra that can give owners a reminiscent feeling of the A80 while turning your GR Supra into a one-of-a-kind. However, it is unsaid whether the lamps are for specific regions or will it be a plug-and-play item for everyone. Though, it'd be interesting to see if anybody would put this on their A90 as it looks really good! Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Anthony Bell (@BRZ.ZZZ)