The NSX's Last Hurrah - NSX Type S

The NSX's Last Hurrah - NSX Type S

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Honda is finally saying goodbye to the NSX. Though it has been out since 2016, Honda has not managed to push the NSX out in large numbers. An engineering marvel that was somewhat too expensive for a JDM enthusiast and a black sheep in the supercar community. However, just because it didn't do too well does not mean that the NSX won't go out without a bang. After months of teasing a facelifted NSX, Acura has announced that this will be a farewell bid to the NC1 NSX. Dubbed as the Type S, the NSX gains a bit more than the regular variant with more power and new components all packaged as a limited edition. The NSX Type S will be somewhat interesting as compared to other previous special editions by Honda.

The OG NSX Type S

The original NSX Type S (NA2) came out in 1997 as a Japan-exclusive model. Contrary to popular belief, the Type S was an NA2 despite having the pop-up headlamp. The NA2 chassis code represented the engine displacement with the 3.2-litre V6 as compared to the NA1's 3.0-litre V6. The Type S was sold as a lightweight version of the NSX, that being said, also the most expensive variant when it was released at RM600,000 (before taxes) in today's money. The lightweight Type S featured Recaro full bucket carbon-kevlar Alcantara/leather seats, single-pane rear glass, manual rack and pinion steering and a lightweight battery. Other performance oriented features include a titanium shift knob, MOMO steering wheel, BBS lightweight aluminium wheels with 16-inches on the front and 17-inches at the rear and a lightweight rear spoiler. Honda produced 209 NSX Type S units between 1997 and 2001, making it rarer than the NSX-R in fact. Honda also sold a NSX Type S Zero which is a more extreme version of the Type S with less creature comforts. With an additional 50 kgs spared from the Type S, this makes the Type S Zero the fastest and lightest NSX to date. With only 30 units made, the Type S Zero is also the rarest amongst the NSX range.

Is the 2022 NSX Type S lightweight?

Yes, only if you give Acura more of your money for the optional Lightweight Package but we'll get to that later. The new Type S receives improvements over the standard NSX. You get a more angular front bumper with larger intake ducts which improves the cooling. Also, a revised carbon splitter on the front along with a more profound carbon rear diffuser helps to improve the overall downforce of the car. The carbon fiber roof too aids with lowering the center of gravity. A new set of forged wheels are also standard with a wider track width with an additional 10mm at the front and an additional 20mm at the rear wheels. The wheels will be wrapped around new Pirelli P Zero tires with 245/35R19 at the front and 305/30R20 at the rear which are designed exclusively for the Type S to provide more grip. Owners can also opt to choose the colours of the wheels which are Matte Shark Grey or Gloss Berlina Black. The NSX Type S paint options are similar to the regular NSX with the exception of a new colour featured here called Gotham Grey Matte Metallic. Is this a reference to Batman?

Will VTEC kick in?

The NSX Type S still retains the same turbocharged 3.5-litre V6 Hybrid however it now produces a combined hybrid and internal combustion power of 600 and 667Nm of torque. This is 27hp and 22Nm more than the regular variant, making it the most powerful NSX to date. This is achieved with a new set of turbochargers borrowed from the NSX GT3 race car which increases the boost pressure to 16.1 psi, a new set of injectors and new intercoolers. A new battery was also fitted to the Type S which gives it 20% more usability which also gives 10% more output to the engine. The 9-speed DCT is also 50% faster in upshift response and now there is also a Rapid Downshift mode. To aid with better cornering performance, the Sports Hybrid AWD torque vectoring system has also been tuned for the Type S. The Integrated Dynamic System driving modes that has Quiet, Sport, Sport+, Track have also been re-tuned providing a richer engine sound and also more focused calibrations for the Adaptive Damper System. All these changes made the NSX Type S a whole 2-seconds faster than the outgoing NSX around Suzuka Circuit. However, the cabin hasn't been changed much with the exception of alcantara roof lining and a couple of 'Type S' badges.

How Do I Get My Hands On One?

For once, this is a Honda that isn't a Japan-only exclusive. That being said, the model will be targeted mainly in the US region. With only 350 units being built, only 50 units will be sold everywhere else that isn't the USA. Meaning, even Japan might get less than 10 units. Also, it won't come cheap if you're asking the question. The NSX Type S will cost $169,500USD (RM718,341 before taxes). You could also opt for the lightweight package which includes Brembo carbon ceramic brakes (in black, silver, red or orange), carbon fiber engine cover and carbon fiber interior package which in total sheds 25.2kg from the overall weight. The Lightweight Package will cost you an additional RM55,000 making the total figure RM773,341.00 before taxes and shipping. And if you wanna round out that number, toss in the Gotham Grey Matte Metallic paint at an additional RM25,000.00. Well, that is, IF you can get your hands on a unit. But don't be too sad, the Integra is confirmed for a 2022 launch. Written by | Danial Malek Images by | Acura