The All-New 2022 2.4-Litre Naturally-Aspirated Subaru BRZ

The All-New 2022 2.4-Litre Naturally-Aspirated Subaru BRZ

The all-new Subaru BRZ unveiled today has been designed to deliver even more driving pleasure and more “peace of mind” as an additional value. As a sports car that allows any driver to experience the enjoyment of driving, the new Subaru BRZ has undergone significant evolution in all aspects. The second-generation Subaru BRZ was born in a joint development project with Toyota Motor Corporation in pursuit of the shared aspirations between the two companies for making ever-better cars.

Main features of the new Subaru BRZ

The all-new Subaru BRZ features a new 2.4-liter Subaru Boxer engine. The new engine, which is now mounted lower to the ground to improve it's center of gravity, delivers 15% increase in torque over the previous model and 228hp with a redline of 7,000rpm. Even if you buy the automatic model, the BRZ with a 6-speed automatic transmission receives a refined Sport mode for more rapid downshifts. When the car detects the driver’s intension for sporty driving, the transmission automatically selects and holds an appropriate gear to make cornering feel more direct. Despite sitting on the same platform as the predecessor, the new body delivers a 60% increase in front lateral bending rigidity and a 50% increase in torsional stiffness. The stiffer body contributes to improved steering response, more nimble handling and better traction in cornering. Driving pleasure which was the trademark of previous generation Subaru BRZ, has been further enhanced now with a lower center of gravity and a more rigid chassis. The use of aluminium for the roof, front fenders and hood minimizes the weight increase of the larger engine and added structural enhancements designed for even improved collision safety. Moreover, it contributes to optimize weight layout and lower the center of gravity to improve the vehicle’s agility. There are now two trim levels two choose with the BRZ. The base model is called the “Premium” while the higher spec’d “Limited” is equipped with 18-inch aluminium alloy wheel features Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires for further controllability and sharper response.

A completely redesigned body with enhanced aerodynamic attributes.

A number of aerodynamic items such as side sill spoilers and air outlets located behind the front fenders are employed. These features not only add accents to the exterior design but also maximize the performance of the car with their functionalities.

Organized interior helping drivers focus on driving

A simple, horizontal style instrument panel and the low meter hood provide a wider view for more focus on driving. With the combination of a 7-inch TFT and a segment LCD, the digital gauge cluster helps driver recognize important information intuitively and quickly under various conditions, from daily use to sport driving. A contoured sport seat with firm side bolsters communicates the vehicle’s movement accurately while minimizing driver fatigue. The 8-inch SUBARU STARLINK multimedia infotainment system including standard smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto offers intuitive, smartphone-like operation.

Enhanced vehicle safety for maximum driving enjoyment

A value of safety has also been enhanced to maximize the pleasure of driving a pure sports car now with driver assist technology and enhanced collision safety. The models equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission features EyeSight Driver Assist Technology for the first time in the BRZ. The functions including pre-collision braking and adaptive cruise control support comfortable transportation with peace of mind. Collision safety performance has been improved with stronger body utilizing larger amount of high-tensile steels and enhanced passenger protection systems.

Advanced telematics services

Available SUBARU STARLINK Safety and Security connected services provide “connected safety” to prepare for emergency and support drivers and passengers with convenient features. As of now, the specs shown are only for the U.S. market (it won't be available in the UK) and specs for the Japanese market or it's Toyota counterpart has not been shown. We hope to see an STI version of the BRZ but it is unknown whether Subaru has plans for one. However, we hope it could bring justice to the underpowered predecessor as it sounds so promising.