1,400BHP Hoonipigasus to take on Pikes Peak!

1,400BHP Hoonipigasus to take on Pikes Peak!

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has always been one of the best hill climb event around. The 19.99km course packs a staggering 156 turns and it is the combination of man and machine to not only ensure they get to the top in one piece, but also in an immediate manner. Hoonigan had planned quite an assault for this year’s edition and their contender is a machine called the Porsche SVRSR or “Hoonipigasus”.

Sounds almost comical? Maybe. But this pink Porsche has nothing comical about it as it was born into this world with one goal - to be the fastest overall at the most iconic and legendary hill climb in the world.

It was built by the talented hands of Hoonigan and BBi Autosport in partnership with Mobil 1. BBi is no stranger to Pikes Peak as they participated in the hill climb a number of times, taking a lot of silverware home at the same time.

One of the challenges of this hill climb is thinner air once you get to higher altitudes. To ensure power is not a problem, this car, which started off as a four-cylinder 912, now packs a punchier twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter flat-six engine which will deliver 1,400bhp.

You can also tell that aero is a priority in this build as it has a similar presence as a GT3 racer. The sweeping front splitter, towering rear wing, and diffuser will glue this SVRSR onto the tarmac, and hopefully, to the peak as well.

But the car is more than meets the eye as they also said that this all-wheel drive Porsche sports a transmission “Chorizo tunnel” that runs from shoulder height down to the front axle for a lower center of gravity. One thing that we particularly like is that the suspension system is “GPS-adjusted”, where it alters itself based on the telemetry taken from previous years’ hill climb.

For the livery, the builders collaborated with street artist Trouble Andrew who took inspiration from the Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig”. The livery might have only raced once on that car, but it became an instant favourite.

Piloting this Hoonipigasus later will be none other than Ken Block himself as the car was built to fit his driving style. Do you think Block can be the fastest this year, or maybe even topple Romain Dumas’ 7:57.148 in the Volkswagen ID.R?