Lotus’ new Emira GT4 gallops with a Toyota V6 engine!

Lotus’ new Emira GT4 gallops with a Toyota V6 engine!

The Evora GT4 has been around since 2010 and there has not been a new Lotus GT4 machine for quite some time. Finally, it is time for the Evora to step down as with the appearance of Lotus’ new Emira, it had given birth to the brand’s new race machine - the Emira GT4.

Like most GT4 cars, it very close resembles its road-going counterpart, as well as sharing a lot of parts from it as well. However, it did received a number of upgrades after being tinkered by the U.K-based motorsport engineering firm RML Group.

Powering the race car will still be the Toyota 3.5-liter V6 engine, which is now rated at 400PS and will rev up to 7,200rpm after the addition of the Harrop TVS 1900 supercharger. Power is sent to the rear via a six-speed Xtrac sequential transmission, and a Motec ECU comes in as standard with data-logging software.

We also have the aero upgrades on both ends in the form of a big splitter and the huge rear wing. It also gets Ohlins coilovers and an Alcon brake system hiding behind the 18-inch wheels. Being a race car, the compulsory FIA-approved roll cage is also in place, along with a six-point harness and a fire extinguisher.

“The all-new chassis on which the Emira has been developed is the perfect starting point for a high-performance race car,” said Gavan Kershaw, Director, Attributes and Product Integrity for Lotus Cars. “Everyone at Lotus is so excited to be returning to world motorsport and to be doing so with such a competitive car”.

Interested? Drop them an email at motorsport@lotuscars.com.